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Secret Location

Reviewed – 13th July 2017





“A uniquely entertaining interactive performance”



Often we go to live theatre events to quietly sit and observe performances unfold before our very eyes. We are recipients to the story pre-made for us with no say or input on how the story should go. If there is participation within a piece more often than not it can be awkward to partake or watch. We have all been to that play where we are praying that the actors pick anybody but us to participate.
However, Exit Productions’ Revolution, their latest interactive live performance has managed to create a piece in which the audience are the protagonists in this strategy game-like performance.

Performed in a secret location, the audience finds themselves in a dingy basement with a group of complete strangers ready to partake in a revolution in London. Influenced by real life events, you are taken on a political journey of morality and tactics as leaders of a political faction in a civil war; an event Inspired by games like risk and diplomacy, getting the audience to play their own version. You begin by entering one by one into the space, where you are faced with a question that will determine the position you will be taking throughout this experience – so choose wisely.

This interactive performance is 90 minutes of pure entertainment filled with a complexity of tasks to complete in a short amount of time, making you think on your feet and fight for what you believe in. Everyone is involved in the process in one way or another.

Whilst Revolution had a great system and process to involve all, I did find that as an audience member the stakes weren’t high enough for us to want to give it our all and fully participate. I also would have wanted at the beginning for there to be a more guided icebreaker and team work exercises prior to starting the strategy aspect of the game. As the downside with this kind of performance is that your experience is completely in your hands and those around you and thus the audience need to be guided a bit more, to begin with.

Nevertheless, as a fellow fan of strategy and group politic games Revolutions tickled my taste buds for more participatory experiences within theatre.

Director: Joe Ball
Actors: Peter Drewhurst and Lauren Gibson
Visuals: Brendan O’Rourke

Reviewed by Daniel Correia



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