About the survey

Theatre Survey 2016

Our first ever theatre survey closed on 31st March.

It had nine questions looking at theatregoers’ habits. We targeted these questions at our audience, theatre lovers, to find out more about them and their likes and dislikes.

It wasn’t the most scientific survey and next year we’ll look more closely at what questions we ask, but we do now have some good information from the completed surveys.

One anonymous person felt the survey was too London biased and that it was ‘too negative’. We disagree on both counts but as this person left no contact details we can’t respond directly to them. We’d be pleased to hear your views and suggestions for future questions.

We used the basic version of Survey Monkey so were limited to the number and type of questions we could ask and how we can now display the results.


After we’d removed partially completed surveys (i.e. those that were abandoned part way through), we had a total of 92 surveys to analyse.

One question, regarding the top four theatre groups operating in London, was able to be skipped if readers felt they had not visited enough London theatres to answer. We still had 48 responses to this question.

It was also optional to complete the personal details section so we cannot show an accurate breakdown of who completed the survey.

We are a small website so the numbers in these surveys may seem low, but they do give some interesting perspectives from those who matter, the people who go to see the shows!

Thank you so much for everyone who took part and shared the link or retweeted it. We can only grow with your fantastic support.


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