Sirens of the Silver Screen -3 Stars


Sirens of the Silver Screen

Tabard Theatre

Reviewed – 28th June 2018


“Some of the most potentially moving moments of the show are overdone, verging on melodrama”


Judy Garland. Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Beth Burrows’ one woman show puts these three sirens of the silver screen on stage together, singing some of their most famous songs and telling us the stories of their lives.

Burrows, performer and creator of the show, is warm, personable and immediately likeable. She communicates each of the different women with a clear admiration and understanding, playfully witty, tender and moving in her depictions. It’s a wonderful showcase for her voice, and her lower vocal range in particular is a joy to listen to. There are a few moments where the addendum ‘less is more’ ought to have been applied. Some of the most potentially moving moments of the show are overdone, verging on melodrama and a more subtle approach would ensure these moments have the impact they aim for.

The show is ultimately a history, a reminiscence, and whilst this is certainly interesting and I learn a lot about our three characters, a more personal, more in depth approach would take this piece to the next level. The piece begins conversations about so many deeply topical subjects, fame, substance abuse, sexual harassment in Hollywood, to name but a few. Unfortunately these aren’t really unpacked or commented upon, beyond a brief link to Harvey Weinstein. More moments like this, connecting these histories to our contemporary society would ensure the show feels relevant and fresh. Furthermore, the choice to put these three women together in one show isn’t sufficiently explored, and a greater emphasis on how they link to each other would help achieve a more cohesive result.

This is a really well made piece of theatre, informative, and beautifully delivered by Burrows, but it fails to access the potential depth and topicality of its subjects.


Reviewed by Amelia Brown



Sirens of the Silver Screen

Tabard Theatre until 14th July


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