Theatrical roots?


Ever wondered if you’re from a theatrical background? Or just curious about your family tree?

Well we could help you find out!

Researching your family history can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be extremely time consuming and costly, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing. TV programmes like ‘Who do you Think you are?’ make the whole process seem quick and easy and imply you can trace back centuries in a matter of days. If only it were that simple.
A huge amount depends on what you already know – it’s surprising a lot of people don’t even know their grandparents’ names. Your surname can also have a massive impact on how easy research is – unusual names make it much easier (most of the time!), whereas if you’re a Jones from somewhere in Wales, not so easy. Victorians didn’t help family historians by using the same first names among their extended families, and as few people moved around much in those days you can end up with several ‘John Smiths’ all related to one another living in close proximity.

The internet has made things simpler for genealogists. New records are added almost daily somewhere or another, but analysing them and compiling your family tree from them can be a challenge. Subscription services can also end up being costly if you just want to ‘see what’s out there’.
Our service can be tailored to however you want. We work mainly via email and all information is held electronically on the latest version of Family Historian software (this means that once we’ve researched for you, we can send you a gedcom file which is compatible with most family tree packages). We won’t do any extra cost research without checking first or you can set a budget in advance.


Please complete the contact form below – In it outline what you’re hoping to find out or get researched (for instance are you looking into the maternal or paternal side of your family?). It’s helpful if you can include some start names and we can do some initial checks. We’ll let you know if we can help and what service options there are.
It doesn’t cost anything to find out!

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    Don’t expect to be related to royalty or find yourself heir to a fortune, but you’ll probably find out some interesting facts along the way. 

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