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Adam & Eve … and Steve

King’s Head Theatre

Opening Night – 28th March 2017



“A Heavenly joy to watch”


After a hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe run last year, Adam & Eve .. and Steve, makes its London premiere at the King’s Head. The tale of how God created Adam and Eve gets a biblical makeover in this musical comedy that is a heavenly joy to watch.

God’s (Michael Christopher) plan to create Adam (Joseph Robinson) and Eve (Hayley Hampson) goes deliciously wrong when the mischievous Beelzebub (Stephen McGlynn) interferes, and God creates Steve (Dale Adams) instead of Eve.

Adam is delighted with Steve (who thinks he is a woman called St. Eve) and all is harmonious until the two new BFFs are confronted by Eve herself.   A ménage a trois for the modern era ensues, and the future of humankind hangs in the balance as everyman Adam, loveable OTT Steve and jealous Eve try to sort out their tangled emotions…

The stage design (Maeve Black) beckons us into the Garden of Eden; all green and shimmering in dappled light with the sounds of the creatures of the forest all around. We first encounter the Devil himself,  a rather egotistical Beelzebub who tells us from the start ‘it’s all about him’.

We then meet Adam, a handsome fellow who appears to have been created with a charming Welsh valleys accent. With a bit of meddling from Beelzebub, before the curiously Scouse tongued Eve gets created, along comes Steve, who instantly takes a shine to the buff Adam.

When Eve finally makes an appearance, she too falls for Adam and what ensues is some lovely physical and verbal comedy scenes between the love rivals, with poor Adam stuck forlornly between the two. Throw in some forbidden fruit and a bit of dancing with the Devil and we’re all set for a fun filled night.

Brought bang up to date with some topical  references to Trump, Sturgeon and the like, Adam & Eve and Steve effortlessly (and occasionally inexplicably) cleverly combines humour, ancient history and modern day issues.

The many songs (accompanied throughout on the piano by the angelically attired MD Dean Austin)  are fairly pleasant and well sung, but not all particularly memorable. There are a couple that do stand out – one about ‘buying furniture with you’ (a witty parody of stereotypical gay couples) and one about marriage sung by Adam and Eve, which is a gem packed full of tongue in cheek euphemisms.

All the cast are splendid but the titular trio played by Robinson, Hampson and Adams, stand out for their vibrancy. For his wonderful mannerisms and characterisation, Dale Adams gets a special mention for his portrayal of the ever effervescent Steve.

With some lovely one liners throughout (‘it’s fine for Sweden but not for Eden’), charming song and dance routines (choreography by Francesca Goodridge, who also directs the show) and an energetic and enthusiastic cast, Chandler Warren’s ‘Adam & Eve … and Steve’  is a true delight.



is at the King’s Head Theatre until 29th April






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