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10★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
17★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
[Blank]★★★★Donmar WarehouseOctober 2019
100% Chance Of Rain★★★Chickenshed TheatreMarch 2019
1mm Au Dessus Du Sol★★★★Lilian Baylis StudioSeptember 2019
24 Italian Songs and Arias★★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
39 Degrees★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
42nd Street★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseDecember 2019
48 Hours:★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
50 Years Of LGBT/Pride Panel And Discussion★★★★h ClubJuly 2019
80 Days: A Real-World Adventure★★★★Secret LocationJuly 2019
A Beautiful Noise★★★★★Lyric TheatreFebruary 2019
A Christmas Carol★★★★Bridge House TheatreNovember 2019
A Christmas Carol★★★★Greenwich TheatreDecember 2019
A Christmas Carol★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyDecember 2020
A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg★★Trafalgar StudiosOctober 2019
A Deed Without A Name★★★½Theatro TechnisFebruary 2020
A Fairytale Revolution★★★★Theatre503December 2019
A Great Big Sigh★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreSeptember 2019
A Haunted Existence★★★★Camden People’s TheatreOctober 2019
A Hero Of Our Time★★★★Stone NestSeptember 2020
A Hundred Words For Snow★★★★★Trafalgar StudiosMarch 2019
A Lesson From Aloes★★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2019
A Letter To A Friend In Gaza★★★★The Coronet TheatreNovember 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★★★Arundel and Ladbroke GardensJune 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJanuary 2020
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★★Criterion TheatreDecember 2019
A Modest Little Man★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2019
A Modest Little Man★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseOctober 2019
A Partnership★★★Theatre503October 2019
A Scandal In Bohemia!★★★Tristan Bates TheatreOctober 2019
A Sea Of Troubles★★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
A Separate Peace★★★★OnlineMay 2020
A Shoddy Detective & The Art Of Deception★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2019
A Song At Twilight★★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Aamira And Gad★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Actually★★★★Trafalgar StudiosAugust 2019
Admissions★★★Trafalgar StudiosMarch 2019
After Dark; Or, A Drama Of London Life★★★★Finborough TheatreJune 2019
Afterglow★★★½Southwark PlayhouseJune 2019
Afterglow★★½Waterloo East TheatreOctober 2019
Agent 14Upstairs at the GatehouseAugust 2019
Agnes Colander: An Attempt At Life★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreFebruary 2019
Ain’t Misbehavin’★★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterMarch 2019
Alcatraz★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Alexa, Play★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Algorithms★★★★Pleasance Courtyard (Baby Grand)July 2019
All By Myself★★½OnlineOctober 2020
All I Want For Christmas Is Attention★★★★★o2 Forum Kentish TownDecember 2019
All In A Row★★Southwark PlayhouseFebruary 2019
All Of Us Want Something To Get Over★★★Bread & Roses theatreFebruary 2020
All The Little Lights★★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2019
All You Need Is Love★★★★Cadogan HallApril 2019
All’s Well That Ends Well★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreNovember 2019
Alpha Who?★★★Cockpit TheatreAugust 2019
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre – Programme A★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreSeptember 2019
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre – Programme C★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreSeptember 2019
Amélie★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyApril 2019
Among Angels★★★Courtyard TheatreApril 2019
Amour★★★★Charing Cross TheatreMay 2019
Amsterdam★★★½Orange Tree TheatreSeptember 2019
An Enemy of the People★★Union TheatreJanuary 2019
Angry Alan★★★★Soho TheatreMarch 2019
Anna Bella Eema★★★Arcola TheatreSeptember 2019
Anna X★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Anomaly★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2019
Anthology★★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
Antigone★★★★★New Diorama TheatreJanuary 2020
Antony & Cleopatra★★Theatro TechnisSeptember 2020
Apollo 13: The Dark Side Of The Moon★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
Appropriate★★★★Donmar WarehouseAugust 2019
Ares★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Armadillo★★★★The Yard TheatreJune 2019
Armour★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Art Heist★★★½New Diorama TheatreOctober 2019
As A Man Grows Younger★★★Jack Studio TheatreFebruary 2019
As You Like It★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchAugust 2019
Ask Me Anything★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
Aspects of Love★★★★Southwark PlayhouseJanuary 2019
Assassins★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburySeptember 2019
Autoreverse★★★★Battersea Arts CentreFebruary 2020
Avex Recital Series 1★★★★★Wigmore HallJanuary 2019
Awkward Conversations With Animals …★★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
BackPAGE★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreFebruary 2019
Bad Girls The Musical★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseFebruary 2019
Bare: A Pop Opera★★★The VaultsJune 2019
Beast on the Moon★★★★★Finborough TheatreJanuary 2019
Beats On Pointe★★★Peacock TheatreMay 2019
Beckett Triple Bill★★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJanuary 2020
Becoming★★★★Stratford Circus Arts CentreMarch 2019
Becoming The Invisible Woman★★Drayton ArmsJune 2019
Bed Peace: The Battle Of Yohn & Joko★★★Cockpit TheatreApril 2019
Before I Am Lost★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
Before I Was A Bear★★★★★The BunkerNovember 2019
Beige★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Belamour★★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
Bells And Spells★★★★★The Coronet TheatreDecember 2019
Belly Up★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Benidorm Live!★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonFebruary 2019
Beryl★★½Arcola TheatreOctober 2019
Between Two Waves★★★The SpaceOctober 2019
Bible John★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
BigNetwork TheatreMarch 2020
Big Girl★★★Bread & Roses TheatreSeptember 2020
Big The Musical★★½Dominion TheatreSeptember 2019
Billy Bishop Goes To War★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2019
Bin Juice★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Bipolar Me★★★Etcetera TheatreOctober 2019
Bird★★Cockpit TheatreSeptember 2020
Bitter Wheat★★★★Garrick TheatreJune 2019
Black Beauty★★★★Purcell RoomDecember 2019
Black Chiffon★★★★Park TheatreSeptember 2019
Black Is The Color Of My Voice★★★★The VaultsJune 2019
Black Is The Color Of My Voice★★★Trafalgar StudiosFebruary 2019
Blitz!★★★Union TheatreFebruary 2020
Blood Orange★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreDecember 2019
Blood Tales★★½Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
Blue Departed★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Blue Tights, Red Knickers And An ‘S’ On Her Vest★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2019
Blueprint Medea★★★Finborough TheatreMay 2019
Bobby & Amy★★★★★Pleasance Courtyard – UpstairsAugust 2019
Body Talk★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Bombshells★★★½Cockpit TheatreAugust 2019
Bon Voyage, Bob★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreFebruary 2019
Boots★★★★The BunkerFebruary 2019
Boris Rex★★Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2019
Bottled★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Box Clever★★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
Brainiac Live!★★★★Garrick TheatreAugust 2019
Brawn★★★The SpaceJanuary 2019
Bread And Circuses★★½OnlineSeptember 2020
Bricks of the WallEtcetera TheatreJanuary 2019
Bromance★★★★ Assembly Rooms (Music Hall) August 2019
Bruised Fruit★★★★Drayton ArmsAugust 2019
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorFebruary 2020
Butterfly Powder: A Very Modern Play★★★★Rosemary Branch TheatreApril 2019
Buyer and Cellar★★★★Above the StagOctober 2020
Buzzing★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2020
By The Light Of The Moon★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2019
Call it a Day★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
Call Me Fury★★★Hope TheatreSeptember 2019
Call Me Vicky★★★Pleasance TheatreFebruary 2019
Cambridge Footlights★★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Camp★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2019
Can-Can!★★★★Union TheatreFebruary 2019
Candy★★★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2020
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin★★★★Rose Theatre KingstonMay 2019
Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs: The Magic Cutlass★★★★Leicester Square TheatreDecember 2019
Carl’s Story★★★★Tabard TheatreMarch 2019
Carmen★★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2019
Carnival of Crows★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Catch Of The Day★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Chambers★★★★Secret LocationJuly 2019
Chasing Ghosts★★★½Etcetera TheatreOctober 2019
Cheating Death★★Cockpit TheatreFebruary 2019
Check In/Check Out★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Chekhov In Moscow★★★★The SpaceAugust 2019
Chemistry★★★Finborough TheatreNovember 2019
Chiflón, The Silence of the Coal★★★★Arcola TheatreJuly 2019
Children Of The Quorn★★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
Christmas Carol – A Fairy Tale★★★★Wilton’s Music HallDecember 2019
Chyna★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Cinderella★★★★The VaultsNovember 2019
Circa★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreMarch 2019
Cirque de Soleil’s Luzia★★★★★Royal Albert HallJanuary 2020
Citysong★★★★Soho TheatreJune 2019
Class★★★★Bush TheatreMay 2019
Class★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJuly 2019
Classified★★★½Tristan Bates TheatreMarch 2019
Closed Lands★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Clown-Hearted★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
Club Tropicana The Musical★★New Wimbledon TheatreApril 2019
Coco’s Adventures★★★Bread & Roses TheatreSeptember 2019
Collapsible★★★Assembly Roxy – UpstairsAugust 2019
Come From Away★★★★★Phoenix TheatreFebruary 2019
Come To OneEtcetera TheatreNovember 2019
Coming Clean★★★★Trafalgar StudiosJanuary 2019
Coming Clean★★★★Trafalgar StudiosJanuary 2020
Coming Out Of My Cage (And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine)★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Confessions Of An Ex-Drag QueenChapel PlayhouseNovember 2019
Connecting★★★★Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
Constellations★★Lilian Baylis StudioJune 2019
C-o-n-t-a-c-t★★★★MonumentSeptember 2020
Cops★★★Southwark PlayhouseJanuary 2020
Coral Browne: This F***Ing Lady!★★King’s Head TheatreMay 2019
Counting Sheep★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
Country Music★★★★Omnibus TheatreMay 2019
Cracking★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2020
Creditors★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreApril 2019
Crisis? What Crisis?★★★★★Colab FactoryNovember 2019
Cry Havoc★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
Crybabies: Danger Brigade★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Cuteness Forensics★★½The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
Cuttings★★★½Hope TheatreJune 2019
Cuzco★★★Theatre503January 2019
Dadderrs★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2020
Dad’s Army Radio Hour★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJanuary 2019
Dangerous Lenses★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Daphne, Tommy, The Colonel And PhilUnion TheatreJuly 2019
Dark Sublime★★★Trafalgar StudiosJune 2019
Darkfield: Séance – Flight – Coma★★★★King’s CrossFebruary 2020
Dead Reckoning★★½Katzpace Studio TheatreMay 2019
Dear Elizabeth★★Gate TheatreJanuary 2019
Delicacy★★★½The SpaceMay 2019
Digging Deep★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Director’s Cut★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Dirty Crusty★★★★The Yard TheatreNovember 2019
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2019
Dogfight★★★★Southwark PlayhouseAugust 2019
Donal The Numb★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Don’t Frighten The Straights★★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2019
Don’t Look Away★★★½Pleasance TheatreMay 2019
Don’t Talk To Strangers★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Dracula★★★★The London LibraryFebruary 2019
Drag What?!★★★The Phoenix Arts ClubAugust 2019
Dressed★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreFebruary 2019
Dumbledore Is So Gay★★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
Dutchman★★Tristan Bates TheatreOctober 2019
East London Life Drawing: Cola Phalquero★★★★★h ClubJune 2019
Easy★★★Blue Elephant TheatreNovember 2019
Eating Myself★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Edred, The Vampyre★★★½Old Red Lion TheatreOctober 2019
Eigengrau★★★★Waterloo East TheatreSeptember 2019
Elegies For Angels, Punks And Raging Queens★★★Union TheatreMay 2019
Elixir Extracts Festival: Company Of Elders★★★★★Lilian Baylis StudioJune 2019
Elton John: It’s A Little Bit Funny★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseFebruary 2020
Endless Second★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
Entrée★★★★OnlineSeptember 2020
Equus★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Equus★★★★★Trafalgar StudiosJuly 2019
Escape From Planet Trash★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
Essence★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
Essex Girl★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Euan★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreJuly 2019
European Freaks★★Rich MixNovember 2019
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
Everything Today Is The Same★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreMay 2019
Extremism★★★★Theatre PeckhamNovember 2019
F**k Off★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreAugust 2020
F. Off★★★★Belly Button, UnderbellyAugust 2019
Faces in the Crowd★★★★Gate TheatreJanuary 2020
Fairy Tales★★★★Lilian Baylis StudioJune 2019
Falling in Love Again★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2020
Falling Stars★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Falsettos★★½The Other PalaceSeptember 2019
Fanny & Stella★★★★The Garden TheatreAugust 2020
Fanny & Stella: The Shocking True Story ★★★★Above the StagMay 2019
Fanny A New Musichall★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Far Away★★½Donmar WarehouseFebruary 2020
Fast★★★★Park TheatreOctober 2019
Father’s Son★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience★★★★Radisson Blu Edwardian BloomsburyDecember 2020
Feed★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Feel The Love★★★★Chickenshed TheatreJuly 2019
Femme Fatale★★Omnibus TheatreOctober 2019
FFS! Feminist Fable Series★★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
Fiddler on the Roof★★★★★Playhouse TheatreMarch 2019
Fiddler on the Roof (Cast Change)★★★★★Playhouse TheatreJune 2019
Fight Night★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fuck.★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreMay 2019
Fighter★★★Stratford Circus Arts CentreApril 2019
Fiji★★★★★Omnibus TheatreNovember 2019
Fireworks★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
First Date★★★OnlineOctober 2020
First Time★★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Fishbowl★★★★★Pleasance Courtyard (Grand)August 2019
Fit For Work★★Chapel PlayhouseAugust 2019
Fitter★★★★★Soho TheatreDecember 2019
Fiver★★★★Southwark PlayhouseJuly 2019
Fix★★★Pleasance TheatreJanuary 2020
Flat Out★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseJune 2019
Flights★★★½Omnibus TheatreFebruary 2020
Flinch★★★Old Red Lion TheatreMay 2019
Fool Britannia★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Footfalls And Play★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreFebruary 2019
For Services Rendered★★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreSeptember 2019
Forbidden Stories★★Rich MixNovember 2019
Form★★★★★Camden People’s TheatreAugust 2019
Four Play★★★Above The StagJanuary 2020
Four Woke Baes★★★★Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Button)August 2019
Fragments Of A Complicated Mind★★★★Theatre503January 2020
Frankenstein★★★Richmond TheatreNovember 2019
Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreMarch 2019
Frankie Foxstone Aka The Profit: Walking Tour★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Franz Kafka – Apparatus★★★White Bear TheatreJanuary 2019
Freak★★Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida!★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Friendsical★★Assembly RoomsAugust 2019
Fuck You Pay Me★★★★The BunkerMay 2019
Funeral Flowers★★★½The BunkerApril 2019
Garrett Millerick: Sunflower★★★★Soho TheatreFebruary 2019
Garry★★★White Bear TheatreJune 2019
Gaslight★★★★Playground TheatreOctober 2019
Gasping★★The SpaceOctober 2019
Gastronomic★★★★★Shoreditch Town HallSeptember 2019
Gentleman Jack★★★★Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2019
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes★★★★Union TheatreOctober 2019
Gently Down The Stream★★★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2019
George★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMarch 2019
Germ Free Adolescent★★★★The BunkerOctober 2019
Getting Over Everest★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
GHBoy★★★Charing Cross TheatreDecember 2020
Ghost Stories★★★Ambassadors TheatreOctober 2019
Ghost Stories★★★Theatre Royal BrightonFebruary 2020
Giffords Circus★★★★Chiswick House & GardensJune 2019
Giving Up Marty★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Glitch★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Globaleyes★★★★OnlineSeptember 2020
Go Bang Your Tambourine★★★★Finborough TheatreAugust 2019
Go To Hell!★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
Gobby★★★½Pleasance TheatreDecember 2019
Godspell in Concert★★Cadogan HallJune 2019
Godspell Online in Concert★★★★★OnlineAugust 2020
Goldilocks And The Three Musketeers★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreDecember 2019
Good Dog★★★Watford Palace TheatreFebruary 2019
Good Gracious, Good Friday★★★★White Bear TheatreOctober 2019
Goodbye Norma Jeane★★Above the StagMarch 2019
Goodnight Mr Spindrift★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
Great Expectations★★★★Playground TheatreDecember 2019
Great Expectations★★★★The Geffrye Museum of the HomeAugust 2019
Grey★★OvalhouseJuly 2019
Greyscale★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Gypsy Flame★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
Hair The Musical★★★Theatre Royal BrightonJuly 2019
Hamlet: Rotten States★★★½Hope TheatreJanuary 2020
Happily Ever Poofter★★★★Above the StagJuly 2019
Happily Ever Poofter★★★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2020
Happy Days★★★★★The Tower TheatreApril 2019
Harper Regan★★★★Tabard TheatreMay 2019
Have I Told You I’m Writing a Play About my Vagina?★★★★The BunkerJuly 2019
Hear me Howl ★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Hearing Things★★★★Omnibus TheatreJanuary 2019
Heartbeat Of Home★★★★Piccadilly TheatreSeptember 2019
Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough★★½Park TheatreApril 2019
Henry V★★★★The Barn TheatreMarch 2020
Henry V★★★★The MaltingsAugust 2020
Heroin(e) For Breakfast★★★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
High Fidelity★★★★★The Turbine TheatreNovember 2019
Hitler’s Tasters★★★★Greenside Infirmary – Olive StudioAugust 2019
HMS Pinafore★★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
Holy Land★★★The SpaceJune 2019
Homing Birds★★★★Tara TheatreNovember 2019
Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain Part Four★★★Apollo TheatreAugust 2019
Hot Flushes – The Musical★★★Camden People’s TheatreJune 2019
Hotel★★★★Peacock TheatreFebruary 2019
Hotter★★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2019
Hotter Than A Pan★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
How to Date a Magical Creature★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
How to Live a Jellicle Life★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreOctober 2020
How We Begin★★★★King’s Head TheatreAugust 2019
Howerd’s End★★★½Golden Goose TheatreOctober 2020
Human Jam★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMay 2019
I Do! I Do!★★★½Upstairs at the GatehouseOctober 2019
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change★★★★Chiswick PlayhouseNovember 2019
I Wanna be Yours★★★Bush TheatreDecember 2019
I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half)★★★★The BunkerNovember 2019
I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half)★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
I Woke Up Feeling Electric★★★Hope TheatreFebruary 2020
I Would Like To Get To Know You★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
I, Incel★★★Camden People’s TheatreNovember 2019
If This Is Normal★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Imaginarium★★★OnlineOctober 2020
Important Art★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
In A Way So Brutal★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2020
In Conversation With Graham Norton★★★Hope TheatreJanuary 2019
In Loyal Company★★★★Alexandra Palace TheatreJune 2019
In Loyal Company★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
In My Lungs The Ocean Swells★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
In Search Of Applause★★Old Red Lion TheatreFebruary 2019
In The Beginning★★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreFebruary 2020
In the Shadow of the Black Dog★★★Assembly RoomsAugust 2019
Ino Moxo★★½Purcell RoomJune 2019
Inside Voices★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Inspirit★★★★Vaulty TowersFebruary 2019
Institute Of Nuts★★★★Matchstick Piehouse TheatreMarch 2019
Intra MurosPark TheatreApril 2019
Intronauts★★★½Jacksons LaneJanuary 2019
Iphigenia In Aulis★★★Cockpit TheatreNovember 2019
Irish Coffee★★Calder Bookshop & TheatreOctober 2019
Islander★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseOctober 2019
It All★★★Soho TheatreAugust 2019
It’ll Be Alt-Right On The Night★★★★Pleasance TheatreSeptember 2019
It’s A Playception ★★★★Hope TheatreSeptember 2019
Jack and the Beanstalk★★★★OnlineDecember 2020
Jade City★★★The BunkerSeptember 2019
Jane Eyre★★★★★Wilde TheatreNovember 2020
Jason Kravits – Off The Top★★★★★Live At ZédelJanuary 2020
Jekyll & Hyde★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
Jerusalem★★★★★Progress TheatreFebruary 2019
Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train★★★★★Young VicFebruary 2019
Joan Of Leeds★★★★New Diorama TheatreDecember 2019
J’Ouvert★★★★Theatre503June 2019
Julius Caesar★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreJanuary 2020
Julius Caesar★★★★The SpaceMarch 2020
Juniper & Jules★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Just To Sit At Her Table, Silver Hammer & Mirabilis★★★Bread & Roses TheatreApril 2019
Kill Climate Deniers★★★★Pleasance TheatreJune 2019
Killing It★★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
Killymuck★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
King Lear★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2019
Kissing Rebellion★★★★★OvalhouseNovember 2019
Kneehigh’s Ubu! A Singalong Satire★★★★Shoreditch Town HallDecember 2019
La Cage Aux Folles★★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2020
Lad★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Land Of My Fathers And Mothers And Some Other People★★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
Last Orders★★★Old Red Lion TheatreOctober 2019
Laundry★★★The SpaceJanuary 2019
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons★★★Barons Court TheatreMay 2019
Leonard Soloway’s Broadway★★★★Digital Download & DVDOctober 2019
Leopardess★★★½The VaultsJanuary 2020
Lexicon★★★★Camden RoundhouseJanuary 2020
Life And Death  Of A Journalist★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Like Animals★★★Summerhall (Old Lab)August 2019
Like You Hate Me★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreApril 2019
Lil.Miss.Lady★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
L’Incoronazione Di Poppea★★★★Cockpit TheatreJanuary 2019
Lipstick: A Fairy Tale Of Iran★★★Omnibus TheatreFebruary 2019
Little Boxes★★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Little Death Club★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankApril 2019
Little Light★★★The Tower TheatreJune 2019
Little Miss Sunshine★★★★★Arcola TheatreApril 2019
Little Potatoes★★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
Little Wars★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
Living With the Lights On★★★★Golden Goose TheatreOctober 2020
Lola★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Lone Flyer★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyOctober 2020
Lone Star Diner★★★Omnibus TheatreSeptember 2019
Lòng Mẹ★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Look Back In Anger★★White Bear TheatreFebruary 2020
Lost Laowais★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
Love (Watching Madness)★★★Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker ThreeAugust 2019
Love in a Nutshell★★★Cockpit TheatreMarch 2020
Love Letters★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorOctober 2020
Love, Loss & Chianti★★★★Riverside StudiosFebruary 2020
Lullabies For The Lost★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2020
Luna★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Lysistrata★★Cockpit TheatreJune 2019
Macbeth★★★½Jacksons LaneMarch 2019
Macbeth★★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchFebruary 2020
Macbeth★★★Temple ChurchAugust 2019
Macbeth★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMarch 2019
Macbeth★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJanuary 2020
Madame Ovary★★★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
Madame Ovary★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Made From Love★★★½Camden People’s TheatreJanuary 2020
Maggie May    ★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2019
Magnetic North★★★★OnlineDecember 2020
Maliphantworks3★★★★★The Coronet TheatreFebruary 2020
Mám★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreFebruary 2020
Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow★★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreMay 2019
Man Of La Mancha★★★★London ColiseumApril 2019
Margot, Dame, The Most Famous Ballerina In The World★★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2019
Marry me a Little★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Martha, Josie And The Chinese Elvis★★★★★Park TheatreDecember 2019
Mary’s Babies★★★Jermyn Street TheatreMarch 2019
Mating In Captivity★★★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2019
Max Raabe & Palast Orchester★★★★★Cadogan HallMarch 2020
Me & My Doll★★The SpaceMay 2019
Me & My Left Ball★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJanuary 2019
Me and my Whale★★★The VaultsJune 2019
Meat★★★★Theatre503February 2020
Meet Me At Dawn★★★Arcola TheatreOctober 2019
Mephisto [A Rhapsody]★★★★★Gate TheatreOctober 2019
Message In A Bottle★★★★Peacock TheatreFebruary 2020
Midlife Cowboy★★★Pleasance TheatreSeptember 2019
Minority Report★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
Minutes To Midnight★★★★OnlineSeptember 2020
Miss Julie★★★Jermyn Street TheatreApril 2019
Mitten Wir Im Leben Sind/Bach6Cellosuiten★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreApril 2019
Mob Wife: A Mafia Comedy★★★Cockpit TheatreJanuary 2019
Moby Dick★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreOctober 2019
Mojave★★★Camden People’s TheatreApril 2019
Monolog 2★★★Chickenshed TheatreFebruary 2019
Monsoon Season★★★★Underbelly Cowgate – Belly ButtonAugust 2019
Mortgage★★★Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2019
Moth Hunting★★★★Cockpit TheatreSeptember 2019
Mother Of Him★★★★★Park TheatreSeptember 2019
Mouthpiece★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Ms Paolini Phantasmagoria Cabaret★★★Hoxton HallJuly 2019
Much Ado About Not(h)Ing★★★Cockpit TheatreJune 2019
Much Ado About Nothing★★★★Wilton’s Music HallNovember 2019
Murder For Two★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyFebruary 2019
Murder On The Dance Floor★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
Murder, Margaret & Me★★Churchill TheatreSeptember 2019
Muse★★Camden People’s TheatreAugust 2019
Musik★★★★Leicester Square TheatreFebruary 2020
My Dad’s Gap Year★★½Park TheatreFebruary 2019
My White Best Friend★★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
My White Best Friend And Even More Letters Best Left Unsaid★★★★The BunkerNovember 2019
Mycorrhiza★★★The SpaceMay 2019
Myra Dubois: A Problem Shared★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Napoli, Brooklyn★★★★Park TheatreJune 2019
Narcissist In The Mirror★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Nearly Human★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Neck Or Nothing★★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2019
Never Trust a Man Bun★★★★Stockwell PlayhouseMarch 2019
Night Of The Living Dead Live★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2019
No One Likes Us★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreAugust 2019
No Show★★★★Soho TheatreJanuary 2019
Noises Off★★★★Garrick TheatreOctober 2019
Normality★★★The Other PalaceSeptember 2019
Not Quite★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreFebruary 2019
Not Quite Jerusalem★★★½Finborough TheatreMarch 2020
Notch★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Notre Dame de Paris★★London ColiseumJanuary 2019
Noughts And Crosses★★Theatre Royal BrightonMarch 2019
Now Is Time To Say Nothing★★★★Battersea Arts CentreOctober 2019
Nuns★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJanuary 2019
Octopus Soup!★★½Theatre Royal WindsorApril 2019
Oddball★★★½King’s Head TheatreJuly 2019
Oddball★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Oi Frog & Friends! ★★★★★Lyric TheatreDecember 2019
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story★★★★★Wilton’s Music HallSeptember 2019
Omelette★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
On McQuillan’s Hill★★★★Finborough TheatreFebruary 2020
On Reflection★★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankMay 2019
Once★★★★★Fairfield HallsJanuary 2020
Once On This Island★★★Southwark PlayhouseAugust 2019
Once Upon A Mattress★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseMarch 2020
One Hundred Trillion★★★★★Old Vic WorkroomsMay 2019
One Million Tiny Plays About Britain★★★Jermyn Street TheatreDecember 2019
One Under★★★Arcola TheatreDecember 2019
One Under★★★★Theatre Royal PlymouthOctober 2019
Oneness★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2019
Only Fools & Horses★★★★Theatre Royal HaymarketFebruary 2019
Opal Fruits★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Operation Mincemeat★★★★★New Diorama TheatreMay 2019
Ophelia Rewound★★★★Camden People’s TheatreAugust 2019
Oranges & Ink★★Tristan Bates TheatreMarch 2019
Original Death Rabbit★★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJanuary 2019
Orpheus Descending ★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryMay 2019
Othello★★★★Union TheatreMarch 2019
Othello: Remixed★★★★Omnibus TheatreJune 2019
Other People’s Money★★★Southwark PlayhouseApril 2019
Our Man In Havana★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Out Of Sorts★★★★Theatre503October 2019
Out of Step★★Drayton ArmsJanuary 2019
Outlying Islands★★★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2019
Outrageous Fortune★★★Greenwich TheatreMay 2019
Pain(t)★★★★Time and Leisure StudioMarch 2019
Paradise Lost★★★★Cockpit TheatreSeptember 2020
Parenthood★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenMay 2019
Parenthood★★★½The SpaceJuly 2019
Past Perfect★★★★Etcetera TheatreJuly 2019
Paul Simon’s Graceland Live★★★★Shepherd’s Bush EmpireOctober 2019
Pecsmas★★★★★The Yard TheatreDecember 2019
Peeping Tom: Child (Kind)★★★BarbicanJanuary 2020
People Show 138: Last Day★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
Pericles, Prince Of Tyre★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseAugust 2019
Persephone’s Dream★★★OnlineSeptember 2020
Persona★★★★Riverside StudiosJanuary 2020
Peter Pan Goes Wrong!★★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonNovember 2019
Pictures Of Dorian Gray (A)★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2019
Pictures Of Dorian Gray (B)★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2019
Pictures Of Dorian Gray (C)★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2019
Pictures Of Dorian Gray (D)★★Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2019
Piece For Piece and Ghetto Blaster★★★★Purcell RoomOctober 2019
Pinocchio: No Strings Attached!★★★★Above the StagNovember 2019
Pippin★★★★The Garden TheatreSeptember 2020
Plastic Soul★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
Police Cops★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Post Mortem★★★★The SpaceApril 2019
Potted Panto★★★Garrick TheatreDecember 2020
Potted Panto★★★★Southwark PlayhouseDecember 2019
Pramkicker★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Preludes★★★★Southwark PlayhouseSeptember 2019
Prince Of Egypt★★★★Dominion TheatreFebruary 2020
Pure Dance★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreOctober 2019
Puttana★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
Queen Of The Mist★★★★Charing Cross TheatreAugust 2019
Queen Of The Mist★★★½Jack Studio TheatreApril 2019
Queens Of Sheba★★★★Battersea Arts CentreNovember 2019
Queens of Sheba★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Queer Trilogy★★★Drayton ArmsMarch 2019
Queereteria TV★★Above the StagApril 2019
Radio★★★★Arcola TheatreJune 2019
Rags★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2020
Randy Roberts Live!★★★★Live At ZédelJune 2019
Raskolnikova★★★★The Actors CentreFebruary 2020
Raw Transport★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Red Palace★★★½The VaultsOctober 2019
Reformation★★★White Bear TheatreJune 2019
Regen★★★Pleasance TheatreMay 2019
Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva The Young Woman Applauded Herself ★★★★★OvalhouseMay 2019
Remember Me: Homage to Hamlet★★The Coronet TheatreJune 2019
Renaissance★★★★★Stephens House and GardensSeptember 2020
Rent★★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Republic★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Reputation★★½The Other PalaceNovember 2019
Revisor★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreMarch 2020
Ride★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Right Left With Heels★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
Riot Act★★★★★Arcola TheatreJune 2019
Rip It Up – The 60s★★★Garrick TheatreFebruary 2019
Rite Of Spring★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreMay 2019
River In The Sky★★★Hope TheatreAugust 2019
River In The Sky★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreMay 2019
Romance Romance★★★★Above the StagMarch 2019
Romeo & Juliet★★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreJuly 2019
Room Service★★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreSeptember 2019
Rose★★OnlineSeptember 2020
Rosenbaum’s Rescue★★★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2019
Rosmersholm★★★★Duke of York’s TheatreMay 2019
Rotterdam★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonApril 2019
Rouge★★★½Underbelly Festival SouthbankAugust 2019
Rust★★★★Bush TheatreJuly 2019
Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Sacha Guitry, Ma Fille Et Moi★★★½Playground TheatreJanuary 2019
Sad About The Cows★★Tristan Bates TheatreMay 2019
Safe Sex★★★★★Network TheatreMarch 2020
Safety Net★½Etcetera TheatreApril 2019
Saga★★★★Etcetera TheatreMarch 2019
Salon★★★Century ClubDecember 2020
Sam, The Good Person★★★The BunkerJanuary 2019
Santi & Naz★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Scary Bikers★★★★Trafalgar StudiosApril 2019
Scenic RealityHen & Chickens TheatreAugust 2019
Scripts for Supper: The Wind in the Willows★★★★★Stepney City FarmMay 2019
Scrounger★★★★Finborough TheatreJanuary 2020
Sex Sex Men Men★★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
Sex/Crime★★★Soho TheatreJanuary 2020
Sh!t Actually★★★★Camden People’s TheatreDecember 2019
Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet★★★Leicester Square TheatreJune 2019
Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare: The Taming Of The Shrew★★★★★Leicester Square TheatreApril 2019
Sh!t-Faced Showtime: A Pissedmas Carol★★★★★Leicester Square TheatreNovember 2019
Sh!t-Faced Showtime: Oliver With A Twist★★Leicester Square TheatreMarch 2019
Shackleton & His Stowaway★★½Cervantes TheatreApril 2019
Shackleton And His Stowaway★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2020
Shadows★★★★★The Coronet TheatreNovember 2019
Sherlock Holmes And The Invisible Thing★★★Rudolf Steiner TheatreJuly 2019
Shift★★★★Shoreditch Town HallMay 2019
Showstopper! The Improvised Musical★★★★Garrick TheatreDecember 2020
Showtune★★★★Union TheatreAugust 2019
Sinatra: Raw★★★★★Live At ZédelJanuary 2019
Since U Been Gone★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Six★★★★★Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Skin in the Game★★★★Greenwich TheatreJuly 2019
Sky In The Pie★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Sleeping Beauty★★★★★Greenwich TheatreDecember 2019
Sleepless★★★Troubadour Wembley ParkSeptember 2020
Smashing It!★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2019
Snow White★★★★★Chickenshed TheatreDecember 2019
Soft Animals★★★★Soho TheatreFebruary 2019
Soho Cinders★★★★Charing Cross TheatreOctober 2019
Sold★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Some Like It Hip Hop★★★★★Peacock TheatreOctober 2019
Something Awful★★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Songs For A New World★★★OnlineJuly 2020
Sorry Did I Wake You★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJuly 2019
Soul Of Shaolin★★★★Troubadour Wembley ParkSeptember 2019
Soul Sessions★★★★Trafalgar StudiosFebruary 2019
Spiderfly★★★★★Theatre503November 2019
Spree★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
St Anne Comes Home★★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenAugust 2020
Stages★★★½Network TheatreMarch 2020
Starved★★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreApril 2019
Status★★★½Battersea Arts CentreApril 2019
Staying Faithful★★Drayton ArmsMarch 2019
Sticky Door★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Stop and Search★★Arcola TheatreJanuary 2019
Strange Fruit★★★★Bush TheatreJune 2019
Stray DogsPark TheatreNovember 2019
Stream★★★Drayton ArmsApril 2019
Strike Up The Band★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseMarch 2019
Stripped★★★★King’s Head TheatreSeptember 2019
Summer Rolls★★★½Park TheatreJune 2019
Summer Street★★★Waterloo East TheatreMay 2019
Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Superman★★★½The VaultsMarch 2020
Superstar★★★★Southwark PlayhouseNovember 2019
Sweet Little Mystery – The Songs Of John Martyn★★★★★The Coronet TheatreOctober 2019
Swimming★★★★White Bear TheatreApril 2019
Sydney & The Old Girl★★★★Park TheatreNovember 2019
Syndrome★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreFebruary 2020
Take Care★★★★Network TheatreMarch 2020
Talk Radio★★★½The Tower TheatreMarch 2019
Tango Fire★★★★Peacock TheatreJanuary 2019
Taro★★★½Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2019
Tarot★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Teenage Dick★★★★Donmar WarehouseDecember 2019
Tell It Slant★★★Hope TheatreFebruary 2020
Ten Times Table★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorJanuary 2020
Th’Importance Of Bein’ Earnest★★★Drayton ArmsFebruary 2019
Thank You And Goodnight★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMarch 2020
The 39 Steps★★★The MaltingsOctober 2020
The Accident Did Not Take Place★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
The Amber Trap★★★Theatre503April 2019
The Arrival★★★★Bush TheatreNovember 2019
The Bacchae★★★Bread & Roses TheatreSeptember 2019
The Bald Prima Donna★★★½Drayton ArmsJune 2019
The Bay At Nice★★½Menier Chocolate FactoryMarch 2019
The Beauty Queen Of Leenane★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchOctober 2019
The Beauty Queen Of Leenane★★★★The Tower TheatreNovember 2019
The Black Veil★★★Theatre Royal WindsorMarch 2020
The Boy Friend★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryDecember 2019
The Burning★★★Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs)August 2019
The Canary And The Crow★★★½Arcola TheatreJanuary 2020
The Canterville Ghost★★★★Unicorn TheatreNovember 2019
The Cat in the Hat★★★Rose Theatre KingstonApril 2019
The Censor★★Hope TheatreJune 2019
The Claim★★★★★Shoreditch Town HallFebruary 2020
The Cobbled Streets Of Geneva★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2020
The Conductor★★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
The Co-op★★★White Bear TheatreJanuary 2020
The Crown Dual★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2019
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2019
The Dame★★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2019
The Daughter-In-Law★★★★★Arcola TheatreJanuary 2019
The Death Of Ivan Ilyich★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2019
The Death Of Ivan IlyichRialto Theatre BrightonMay 2019
The Decorative Potential Of Blazing Factories (Film)★★★The Coronet TheatreJune 2019
The Delights Of Dogs And The Problems Of People ★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2020
The Desert★★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
The Dip★★★★The SpaceFebruary 2019
The Dog Walker★★Jermyn Street TheatreFebruary 2020
The Dysfunckshonalz!★★★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreMay 2019
The Elixir Of Love★★★★★King’s Head TheatreSeptember 2019
The Escape Act: A Holocaust Memoir★★★★Jacksons LaneSeptember 2019
The Fabulist Fox Sister★★★★OnlineDecember 2020
The Falcon’s Malteser★★★★★The VaultsJuly 2019
The Fatal Eggs★★★★★Barons Court TheatreApril 2019
The Fetch Wilson★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
The First★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
The First Modern Man★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreFebruary 2019
The Fishermen★★★½Trafalgar StudiosSeptember 2019
The Flies★★★The BunkerJune 2019
The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk★★★★OnlineDecember 2020
The Fourth Country★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
The Future Is Mental★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
The Geminus★★Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2019
The Girl on the Train★★Theatre Royal BrightonJune 2019
The Girl Who Fell★★★★Trafalgar StudiosOctober 2019
The Girl With Glitter in Her Eye★★½The BunkerJanuary 2020
The Glass Menagerie★★★★Arcola TheatreMay 2019
The Glass Piano★★★★Print Room at the CoronetApril 2019
The Glass Will Shatter★★★★Omnibus TheatreJanuary 2020
The Good Landlord★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
The Good, The Bad And The Fifty★★★★Wilton’s Music HallFebruary 2019
The Grand Expedition★★★★★Secret LocationFebruary 2019
The Gravy Bunch★★½Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2019
The Great Gatsby★★★★★Immersive LDNOctober 2020
The Greatest Love Of All★★★★London PalladiumMay 2019
The Guild★★★½The VaultsJanuary 2020
The Half-God of Rainfall★★★★Kiln TheatreApril 2019
The Haus Of Kunst★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
The Hired Man★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchApril 2019
The Hound Of The Baskervilles★★★★Abney Park CemeterySeptember 2019
The House Of Yes★★★★Hope TheatreOctober 2019
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame★★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenAugust 2019
The Hypnotist★★½Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
The Ice Cream Boys★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreOctober 2019
The Ideal Woman★★Cockpit TheatreAugust 2019
The Importance Of Being Earnest★★★★Tabard TheatreJune 2019
The Importance Of Being Earnest★★★The Tower TheatreJanuary 2020
The Importance Of Being Earnest★★★½The Turbine TheatreFebruary 2020
The Importance Of Being Earnest★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMay 2019
The Improvised Shakespeare Show★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreOctober 2019
The Incident Pit★½Tristan Bates TheatreJuly 2019
The Incident Room★★★★New Diorama TheatreFebruary 2020
The Incursion★★½Bread & Roses TheatreJuly 2019
The Indecent Musings Of Miss Doncaster 2007★★★½Camden People’s TheatreAugust 2019
The Jazz Age★★★★★Playground TheatreOctober 2019
The Kite Runner★★★★Richmond TheatreMarch 2020
The Knight Of The Burning Pestle★★★★BarbicanJune 2019
The Knot★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJune 2019
The Labryinth★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
The Lady From The Sea★★Print Room at the CoronetFebruary 2019
The Lady in the Van★★★½Theatre Royal WindsorOctober 2020
The Last Act Of Harry Houdini★★★★Cockpit TheatreOctober 2019
The Last Five Years★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2020
The Last Five Years★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseOctober 2020
The Last Noël★★★★Merton Arts Space at Wimbledon LibraryNovember 2019
The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson★★★½Theatre Royal WindsorFebruary 2020
The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington★★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
The Legend Of The Holy Drinker★★½The VaultsJanuary 2020
The Life I Lead★★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
The Life I Lead★★★★Wyndham’s TheatreSeptember 2019
The Light In The Piazza★★★Royal Festival HallJune 2019
The Little Prince★★★★Omnibus TheatreDecember 2019
The Long Letter★★White Bear TheatreJanuary 2020
The Luncheon★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJune 2019
The Lying Kind★★★Ram Jam RecordsDecember 2019
The MaidsHen & Chickens TheatreJanuary 2020
The Marvelous Wonderettes★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseApril 2019
The Merchant of Venice★★★★CLF Art CafeSeptember 2019
The Millennials★★½Pleasance TheatreMay 2019
The Mind Reading Experiments★★★Bread & Roses TheatreMay 2019
The Morning AfterAbove The StagJanuary 2020
The Mousetrap★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorOctober 2019
The Nativity Panto★★★★King’s Head TheatreDecember 2019
The Net★★½Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2019
The Niceties★★★Finborough TheatreOctober 2019
The Noble Nine★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
The Noises★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
The Nutcracker★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorNovember 2019
The Off Key★★★White Bear TheatreOctober 2020
The Only Thing A Great Actress Needs, Is A Great Work And The Will To Succeed★★★Arcola TheatreJuly 2019
The Open★★★The SpaceSeptember 2019
The Orchestra★★★Omnibus TheatreJanuary 2019
The Parentheticals: Improdyssey★★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
The Passion Of The Playboy Riots★★★★Chapel PlayhouseJuly 2019
The Perfect Companion★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
The Pirates Of Penzance★★★★Wilton’s Music HallFebruary 2019
The Prince Of Homburg★★★★The SpaceDecember 2019
The Problem With Fletcher Mott★★★Drayton ArmsFebruary 2019
The Process★★★★★The BunkerJanuary 2020
The Project★★★White Bear TheatreMarch 2019
The Revenger’s Tragedy (La Tragedia Del Vendicatore)★★★★★BarbicanMarch 2020
The Rubenstein Kiss★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2019
The Ruffian On The Stair★★★★Hope TheatreJanuary 2019
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ – The Musical★★★★★Ambassadors TheatreJuly 2019
The Shape Of the Pain★★★★★Wilton’s Music HallMarch 2019
The Signalman★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2019
The Silence Of Snow★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2019
The Simon & Garfunkel Story★★★Lyric TheatreApril 2019
The Six Wives Of Henry VIII★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2020
The Snow Queen★★★★Park TheatreDecember 2019
The Snowman★★★★Peacock TheatreNovember 2019
The Son★★★★★Duke of York’s TheatreSeptember 2019
The South Afreakins★★★★★The SpaceFebruary 2019
The Starship Osiris★★★★★Soho TheatreAugust 2019
The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde★★★★★Wilde TheatreSeptember 2020
The Strange Case Of Jekyll & Hyde★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreSeptember 2019
The Sunset Limited★★★★★Boulevard TheatreJanuary 2020
The Sweet Science Of Bruising★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJune 2019
The Swell Mob★★★COLAB FactoryMay 2019
The Talented Mr Ripley★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
The Talented Mr Ripley★★★★Wilton’s Music HallMay 2019
The Tempest★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreMarch 2020
The Tempest★★★Turk’s HeadSeptember 2020
The Thread★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreMarch 2019
The Time Of Our Lies★★★★Park TheatreAugust 2019
The Tin Drum★★★★The Coronet TheatreFebruary 2020
The Trials Of Oscar Wilde★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorMarch 2019
The Trilobite★★★★OnlineSeptember 2020
The Understudy★★★★OnlineMay 2020
The Unseen Hour★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2019
The Upstart Crow★★★★★Gielgud TheatreFebruary 2020
The View Upstairs★★★Soho TheatreJuly 2019
The War★★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
The War Of The Worlds★★★½New Diorama TheatreJanuary 2019
The Wasp★★★½Etcetera TheatreJune 2019
The Wasp★★★★The SpaceApril 2019
The Watsons★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryOctober 2019
The Weatherman★★★Park TheatreAugust 2019
The Werewolf Of Washington Heights★★★★Cockpit TheatreAugust 2019
The Wicker Husband★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMarch 2020
The Worst Witch★★★★Vaudeville TheatreJuly 2019
The Wrong Ffion Jones★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Them/Us★★★Vaudeville TheatreJune 2019
This Is Not Right★★★★Wilton’s Music HallOctober 2019
This Island’s Mine★★★★★King’s Head TheatreMay 2019
This Queer House★★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2020
Three Italian Short Stories★★★★The Coronet TheatreJune 2019
Three Shades★★★★Ram Jam RecordsMarch 2019
Three Sisters★★★★Vaudeville TheatreJune 2019
Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story★★★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
Thriller Live★★★★★Lyric TheatreDecember 2019
Tick, Tick… BOOM!★★★★Bridge House TheatreOctober 2019
Tickle★★★★King’s Head TheatreOctober 2019
Tiger Mum★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Tiger Under The Skin★★★★RADA Gielgud TheatreJune 2019
Time And Tide★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2020
Time Is Love★★★½Finborough TheatreJanuary 2019
Timpson: The Musical★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2019
Tinted★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Title Of Show★★★★Above the StagFebruary 2019
Title Of Show★★★Moors BarAugust 2019
To Drone In The Rain★★Tristan Bates TheatreJune 2019
To Move In Time★★½The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
Toast★★★The Other PalaceApril 2019
Tobacco Road★★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2019
Tokyo Rose★★★★★Underbelly CowgateAugust 2019
Tom Brace★★★½Pleasance TheatreDecember 2019
Tom Brown’s Schooldays★★Union TheatreJanuary 2020
Tom Gates★★★★Richmond TheatreMarch 2019
Tony’s Last Tape★★★★Omnibus TheatreApril 2019
Torch Song★★★★★The Turbine TheatreSeptember 2019
Touching The Void★★★★Duke Of York’s TheatreNovember 2019
Towards Zero★★★★★The Mill at SonningAugust 2019
Transit★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankMay 2019
Treasure Island★★★★Barbican Theatre PlymouthDecember 2019
Trial Of Love★★★½Bread & Roses TheatreSeptember 2019
Tribes★★★★Putney Arts TheatreJanuary 2020
Trigger Warning★★★Camden People’s TheatreOctober 2019
Trojan Horse★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreNovember 2019
True Colours★★★★Hope TheatreMay 2019
Tube★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreJanuary 2020
Tumulus★★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Twelfth Night★★★★Bridge House TheatreJune 2019
Twelfth Night★★★★Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2020
Twelfth Night★★★Rose PlayhouseApril 2019
Two Of A Kind★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2019
Two Super Super Hot Men★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Type On Paper★★★★Tabard TheatreJuly 2019
Ugly★★★½Tristan Bates TheatreOctober 2019
Uncle Vanya★★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
Undetectable★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2019
Unexpected Item In The Bagging Area★★Underbelly Cowgate – Belly ButtonAugust 2019
Unfortunate: The Untold Story Of Ursula The Sea Witch★★★★★Edinburgh Festival FringeAugust 2019
United Queendom★★★★★Kensington PalaceMarch 2020
Unlovable★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
Unsung★★★½King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
Up Pompeii★★★★Shaw TheatreOctober 2019
Up The Bunty!★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreDecember 2019
Us Two★★★The SpaceJanuary 2020
Ute Lemper: Rendezvous With Marlene★★★★★OnlineNovember 2020
V&V★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Valued Friends★★★★Rose Theatre KingstonSeptember 2019
Variant 31★★★½Space 18October 2019
Velvet★★★Above the StagOctober 2019
Verde, Agua y Luna★★★½Calder Bookshop & TheatreMay 2019
Vice★★½Etcetera TheatreJuly 2019
Vincent River★★★★Trafalgar StudiosMay 2019
Violet★★Charing Cross TheatreJanuary 2019
Visitors★★★½OnlineOctober 2020
Void★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2020
Vulvarine★★★★★King’s Head TheatreJune 2019
Vulvarine★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Waitress★★★★Adelphi TheatreMarch 2019
Ways To Submit★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
We Anchor In Hope★★★★The BunkerOctober 2019
We Know Now Snowmen Exist★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
We Must Live★★★½Rich MixNovember 2019
Welcome To The UK★★The BunkerJanuary 2019
We’re Staying Right Here★★★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
We’ve Got Each Other★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
What a Carve Up!★★★★★OnlineOctober 2020
What Girls Are Made Of★★★★Soho TheatreSeptember 2019
What’s In A Name?★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorNovember 2019
When It Happens★★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJuly 2019
When We Died★★★★The VaultsMarch 2020
Who Cares?★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020
Why The Child Is Cooking In The Polenta★★Gate TheatreMay 2019
William Andrews: Willy★★★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Winston Vs Churchill★★★★★The Coronet TheatreJune 2019
Wireless Operator★★★★Pleasance TheatreNovember 2019
Without That Certain Thing★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2019
Woke★★★Battersea Arts CentreJune 2019
Wolfie★★★★★Theatre503March 2019
Women On The Edge★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2019
Working★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseSeptember 2019
World’s End★★★★King’s Head TheatreAugust 2019
Woyzeck★★★Theatro TechnisSeptember 2020
Yamato – Passion★★★★★Peacock TheatreMarch 2019
You Stupid Darkness!★★★Southwark PlayhouseJanuary 2020
You’re Dead Mate★★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreJune 2019
Youth Without God★★★The Coronet TheatreSeptember 2019
Zara★★★★★Geraldine Mary Harmsworth ParkMay 2019
Zeus On The Loose★★½FireSeptember 2019
Zoo★★★The VaultsFebruary 2020