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10★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
17★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
0 Days Without Crying★★★½Landor SpaceApril 2018
100% Chance Of Rain★★★Chickenshed TheatreMarch 2019
24 Italian Songs and Arias★★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
4.48 Psychosis★★★★New Diorama TheatreSeptember 2018
48 Hours:★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
84 Charing Cross Road★★★★Richmond TheatreJune 2018
A Beautiful Noise★★★★★Lyric TheatreFebruary 2019
A Christmas Carol★★★★★Chickenshed TheatreNovember 2018
A Christmas Carol ★★★★Print Room at the CoronetDecember 2018
A Christmas Story★★★½Waterloo East TheatreNovember 2018
A Flea in her Ear★★★Theatro TechnisNovember 2018
A Fortunate Man★★★½Camden People’s TheatreJune 2018
A Funny Thing Happened …★★★★Finborough TheatreOctober 2018
A Glimpse of the Domesticity of Franklin Barnabas★★★Pentameters TheatreOctober 2018
A Guide for the Homesick★★★Trafalgar StudiosOctober 2018
A Gym Thing★★★★Pleasance TheatreMay 2018
A Hero of our Time★★★★★Arcola TheatreNovember 2018
A Hundred Words For Snow★★★★★Trafalgar StudiosMarch 2019
A Kettle of Fish★★★The Yard TheatreSeptember 2018
A Lesson From Aloes★★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★½Wilton’s Music HallJune 2018
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★Theatro TechnisApril 2018
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★★The George InnSeptember 2018
A Midsummer Night’s Dream★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMay 2018
A Modest Little Man★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2019
A New and Better You★★★★The Yard TheatreJune 2018
A Night at The Oscars★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseFebruary 2018
A Pocketful of Bread★★★OvalhouseSeptember 2018
A Princess Undone★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2018
A Pupil ★★★★Park TheatreNovember 2018
A Sea Of Troubles★★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
A Song At Twilight★★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
A Very Very Very Dark Matter★★★★Bridge TheatreOctober 2018
A Winning Hazard★★★★Finborough TheatreSeptember 2018
A Woman’s World / Monster of State★★½Etcetera TheatreApril 2018
Abducting Diana★★★½Hen & Chickens TheatreMarch 2018
Abi★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchSeptember 2018
Abigail’s Party★★★½Queen’s Theatre HornchurchSeptember 2018
Act & Terminal 3★★★★Print Room at the CoronetJune 2018
Adam & Eve★★★★Hope TheatreMay 2018
Admissions★★★Trafalgar StudiosMarch 2019
After the Ball ★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseMarch 2018
Again★★★Trafalgar StudiosFebruary 2018
Agnes Colander: An Attempt At Life★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreFebruary 2019
Aid Memoir★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2018
Ain’t Misbehavin’★★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterMarch 2019
Alcatraz★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Alice: The Lost Chapter★★★★★Blue Elephant TheatreOctober 2018
Aliens Love Underpants★★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankAugust 2018
All In A Row★★Southwark PlayhouseFebruary 2019
All Night Long★★★New Wimbledon TheatreJanuary 2018
All or Nothing★★★★Arts TheatreFebruary 2018
All You Need Is Love★★★★Cadogan HallApril 2019
Allelujah!★★★★Bridge TheatreJuly 2018
Alternativity★★★★Hope TheatreDecember 2018
Amelia Lost★★★Bridewell TheatreAugust 2018
Amélie★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyApril 2019
Among Angels★★★Courtyard TheatreApril 2019
Amour★★★★Charing Cross TheatreMay 2019
An Abundance of Tims★★★½Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2018
An Act of Kindness★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
An Enemy of the People★★Union TheatreJanuary 2019
And Before I Forget I Love You, I Love You ★★★★Park TheatreOctober 2018
And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens★★★★King’s Head TheatreAugust 2018
Angry Alan★★★★Soho TheatreMarch 2019
Anna Karenina★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenNovember 2018
Anna X★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Anomaly★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2019
Anti Valentine’s Ball★★★★Royal Vauxhall TavernFebruary 2018
Arabian Nights★★★★Hoxton HallSeptember 2018
Are There Female Gorillas? ★★★★Drayton ArmsApril 2018
Ares★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Armour★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Around the World in Eighty Days★★★Union TheatreAugust 2018
As A Man Grows Younger★★★Jack Studio TheatreFebruary 2019
As You Like It★★★★★Arundel and Ladbroke GardensJune 2018
Asking For A Raise★★The SpaceJuly 2018
Aspects of Love★★★★Southwark PlayhouseJanuary 2019
Assassins ★★★★Pleasance TheatreMarch 2018
Asylum★★★Camden People’s TheatreNovember 2018
At Last: The Etta James Story★★★★Cadogan HallOctober 2018
Austen The Musical ★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2018
Austentatious★★★★Piccadilly TheatreJanuary 2018
Austerity & Me★★★★OvalhouseJune 2018
Avex Recital Series 1★★★★★Wigmore HallJanuary 2019
Awful Auntie★★★½Bloomsbury TheatreDecember 2018
Awkward Conversations With Animals …★★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
Ay, Carmela!★★★Cervantes TheatreSeptember 2018
Baby★★Drayton ArmsOctober 2018
Baby Blues★★★Bread & Roses TheatreDecember 2018
Baby Box★★★★King’s Head TheatreMay 2018
Back to Where★★★★Jack Studio TheatreJuly 2018
BackPAGE★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreFebruary 2019
Bad Girls The Musical★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseFebruary 2019
Bad Hindu★★★★Pentameters TheatreAugust 2018
Badback MountainOmnibus TheatreJanuary 2018
Bananaman★★★Southwark PlayhouseJanuary 2018
Be BornThe SpaceJune 2018
Be Prepared★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
Beast on the Moon★★★★★Finborough TheatreJanuary 2019
Beautiful Thing★★★Greenwich & Docklands FestivalJuly 2018
Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody★★★★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2018
Becoming★★★★Stratford Circus Arts CentreMarch 2019
Becoming Shades★★★The VaultsJanuary 2018
Bed Peace: The Battle Of Yohn & Joko★★★Cockpit TheatreApril 2019
Belly of the Whale★★★★Greenwich & Docklands FestivalJune 2018
Benidorm Live!★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonFebruary 2019
Big Bad ★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2018
Billy Bishop Goes To War★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2019
Bingo★★★Pleasance TheatreJune 2018
Bismillah! An ISIS Tragicomedy★★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2018
Bitter★★★New Diorama TheatreJune 2018
Bjorn of the Dead★★★★Royal Vauxhall TavernApril 2018
Black Cat: Bohemia★★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankAugust 2018
Black Is The Color Of My Voice★★★Trafalgar StudiosFebruary 2019
Blood Tales★★½Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
Blood Wedding★★★Omnibus TheatreSeptember 2018
Blue Departed★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Blue Moon★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2018
Bluebird★★★★The SpaceJuly 2018
Bon Voyage, Bob★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreFebruary 2019
Booby’s Bay★★★★Finborough TheatreFebruary 2018
Boots★★★★The BunkerFebruary 2019
Bost Uni Plues★★★★Blue Elephant TheatreNovember 2018
Bottled★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Boujie ★★★½Drayton ArmsNovember 2018
Box Clever★★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
Boxman★★★★Blue Elephant TheatreJuly 2018
Boys★★★★★New Diorama TheatreNovember 2018
Brass★★★★Union TheatreNovember 2018
Brat Kids Carnival★★★½Christmas In Leicester SquareNovember 2018
Brawn★★★The SpaceJanuary 2019
Break of Noon★½Finborough TheatreMay 2018
Breathe★★★★The BunkerAugust 2018
Breathe★★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreFebruary 2018
Br’er Cotton★★★★★Theatre503March 2018
Brexit★★★★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2018
Bricks of the WallEtcetera TheatreJanuary 2019
Briefs: Close Encounters★★★Christmas In Leicester SquareNovember 2018
Broken Glass★★★★Watford Palace TheatreMarch 2018
Broken Wings★★★Theatre Royal HaymarketAugust 2018
Bromance: The Dudesical★★★★The Other PalaceOctober 2018
Buggy Baby★★★★The Yard TheatreMarch 2018
Building the Wall ★★★★Park TheatreMay 2018
Bullet Tongue★★★★The Big HouseNovember 2018
Bully★★★★Etcetera TheatreSeptember 2018
Burke & Hare★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreNovember 2018
Burke & Hare★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyApril 2018
Bury the Dead★★★★Finborough TheatreNovember 2018
Busking It★★★★Shoreditch Town HallOctober 2018
But it Still Goes on★★★★Finborough TheatreJuly 2018
Butterfly Lovers★★Tristan Bates TheatreSeptember 2018
Butterfly Powder: A Very Modern Play★★★★Rosemary Branch TheatreApril 2019
Buttons: A Cinderella Story★★★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2018
Café Society Swing★★★★★Theatre Royal Stratford EastJune 2018
Call it a Day★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
Call Me Vicky★★★Pleasance TheatreFebruary 2019
Cambridge Footlights★★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Camels IV★★★The TabernacleMarch 2018
Canary★★★½Blue Elephant TheatreNovember 2018
Can-Can!★★★★Union TheatreFebruary 2019
Canoe ★★★½King’s Head TheatreOctober 2018
Cantata for Four WingsCockpit TheatreApril 2018
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin★★★★Rose Theatre KingstonMay 2019
Care Not, Fear Naught★★★Bridewell TheatreJune 2018
Carl Barron – Drinking With a Fork★★Eventim ApolloMarch 2018
Carl’s Story★★★★Tabard TheatreMarch 2019
Carmen★★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2019
Carmen 1808★★★★★Union TheatreFebruary 2018
Carnival of Crows★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Castles Palaces Castles ★★Theatre N16September 2018
Caterpillar ★★★★Theatre503September 2018
Catherine and Anita★★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2018
Chasing Bono★★★★Soho TheatreDecember 2018
Cheating Death★★Cockpit TheatreFebruary 2019
Check In/Check Out★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Checkpoint Chana★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2018
Chicago★★★★Phoenix TheatreApril 2018
Christmas Tales ★★★Chickenshed TheatreDecember 2018
Chutney★★★The BunkerNovember 2018
Cinderella★★★Jack Studio TheatreDecember 2018
Cinderella and the Beanstalk★★★★Theatre503December 2018
Cinderella: A Wicked Mother of a Night Out! ★★★★London Welsh CentreDecember 2018
Circa★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreMarch 2019
Circa: Peepshow★★★½Underbelly Festival SouthbankJuly 2018
Cirque Berserk!★★★★Peacock TheatreFebruary 2018
Citizen★★★★The SpaceApril 2018
Class★★★★Bush TheatreMay 2019
Classified★★★½Tristan Bates TheatreMarch 2019
Clingfilm★★★The Water RatsJuly 2018
Close Up★★★New Diorama TheatreFebruary 2018
Club Briefs★★★★★Christmas In Leicester SquareDecember 2018
Club Tropicana The Musical★★New Wimbledon TheatreApril 2019
Cockamamy★★★★Hope TheatreJune 2018
Come From Away★★★★★Phoenix TheatreFebruary 2019
Coming Clean★★★★Trafalgar StudiosJanuary 2019
Company★★★★★Gielgud TheatreOctober 2018
Confidence★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2018
Connecting★★★★Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
Conquest★★★★The BunkerMay 2018
Counting Sheep★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
Cream Tea & Incest★★★★Hope TheatreApril 2018
Creditors★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreApril 2019
Cry Havoc★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
Cuckoo ★★★Soho TheatreNovember 2018
Cuteness Forensics★★½The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
Cuzco★★★Theatre503January 2019
Cyril’s Success★★★Finborough TheatreFebruary 2018
Dad’s Army Radio Hour★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJanuary 2019
Dad’s Army Radio Hour★★★½Live At ZédelJanuary 2018
Dames★★★½Pleasance TheatreApril 2018
Dangerous Giant Animals★★★Park TheatreOctober 2018
Dangerous Lenses★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Dare to Do: The Bear Maxim★★½The SpaceMay 2018
Das Fest★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2018
Dead & Breathing★★★The Albany TheatreFebruary 2018
Dead Reckoning★★½Katzpace Studio TheatreMay 2019
Dear Elizabeth★★Gate TheatreJanuary 2019
Debris★★★★★Theatre N16October 2018
Delicacy★★★½The SpaceMay 2019
Denim: World Tour ★★★★★Soho TheatreJanuary 2018
Devil With the Blue Dress★★The BunkerApril 2018
Dialektikon★★★½Park TheatreDecember 2018
Did it Hurt?★★★Camden People’s TheatreAugust 2018
Dietrich – Natural Duty★★★★Wilton’s Music HallNovember 2018
Dietrich – Natural Duty ★★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2018
Digging Deep★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Director’s Cut★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Distance ★★★★Park TheatreSeptember 2018
Don Carlos★★Rose Theatre KingstonNovember 2018
Don Juan★★★★Hoxton HallApril 2018
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow ★★★★Chickenshed TheatreMarch 2018
Donal The Numb★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Don’t Look Away★★★½Pleasance TheatreMay 2019
Don’t You Dare! ★★★Cockpit TheatreNovember 2018
Doodle – The Musical★½Waterloo East TheatreJanuary 2018
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde★★Rose Theatre KingstonFebruary 2018
Dracula★★★★The London LibraryFebruary 2019
Dracula★★★½Jack Studio TheatreOctober 2018
Drag Me to Love★★★Omnibus TheatreFebruary 2018
Dressed★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreFebruary 2019
Drowned or Saved?★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreNovember 2018
Dust★★★★★Trafalgar StudiosSeptember 2018
Dust★★★★★Soho TheatreFebruary 2018
Dystopian Dream ★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreNovember 2018
East ★★★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2018
Echoes★★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2018
EigengrauGreenwich TheatreAugust 2018
Electra★★★★The BunkerMarch 2018
Elephant Steps★★★★Arcola TheatreAugust 2018
End of the Pier★★★★Park TheatreJuly 2018
Equus★★★Cambridge Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Eris ★★★★The BunkerSeptember 2018
Eros★★White Bear TheatreAugust 2018
Essex Girl★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Eugenius!★★★★The Other PalaceFebruary 2018
Europe After the Rain★★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterMay 2018
Exodus★★★★Finborough TheatreNovember 2018
F*cking Men★★★King’s Head TheatreMay 2018
F*ckingLifeMate★★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreMarch 2018
Fabric★★★★Soho TheatreSeptember 2018
Fanatical – the Musical ★★★Playground TheatreNovember 2018
Fanny & Stella: The Shocking True Story ★★★★Above the StagMay 2019
Fat Jewels★★★★★Hope TheatreJuly 2018
Fear and Misery of the Third Reich ★★★Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2018
Feed★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Feel★★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreMarch 2018
Feel/More★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreMarch 2018
FFS! Feminist Fable Series★★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
Fiddler on the Roof★★★★★Playhouse TheatreMarch 2019
Fiddler on the Roof★★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryDecember 2018
Fight Night★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fuck.★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreMay 2019
Fighter★★★Stratford Circus Arts CentreApril 2019
Find Your way Home★★★★Etcetera TheatreFebruary 2018
Fine & Dandy ★★★★★Arcola TheatreFebruary 2018
Finishing the Picture★★★★Finborough TheatreJune 2018
Fishbowl ★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2018
Fleeced The SpaceSeptember 2018
Flesh & Bone★★★★★Soho TheatreJuly 2018
Fool Britannia★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Footfalls And Play★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreFebruary 2019
For King & Country★★★★COLAB FactoryApril 2018
For Reasons That Remain Unclear★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2018
Forgotten★★★Arcola TheatreOctober 2018
Foul Pages★★★Hope TheatreFebruary 2018
Fox Hunting★★★★★Courtyard TheatreMay 2018
Francesco de Carlo: Comfort Zone★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2018
Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreMarch 2019
Franz Kafka – Apparatus★★★White Bear TheatreJanuary 2019
Freak★★Chapel PlayhouseMarch 2019
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads ★★★Jacksons LaneMarch 2018
Fuck You Pay Me★★★★The BunkerMay 2019
Fun Home★★★★★Young VicJune 2018
Funeral Flowers★★★½The BunkerApril 2019
Gaps★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreApril 2018
Garrett Millerick: Sunflower★★★★Soho TheatreFebruary 2019
Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident★★★★Omnibus TheatreApril 2018
Gentleman Jack★★★★Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2019
Gently Down The Stream★★★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2019
George★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMarch 2019
George Abbott Changes Your Life★★★½2NorthdownAugust 2018
Getting Over Everest★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
Gilded Butterflies★★Hope TheatreNovember 2018
Glitterball★★★★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2018
Good Dog★★★Watford Palace TheatreFebruary 2019
Good Girl★★★★Trafalgar StudiosMarch 2018
Goodbye Norma Jeane★★Above the StagMarch 2019
Goodnight Mr Spindrift★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
Graceful ★★★Rosemary Branch TheatreAugust 2018
Gracie ★★★★Finborough TheatreApril 2018
Great British Mysteries★★★½Soho TheatreMay 2018
Greek★★★★Arcola TheatreAugust 2018
Greyscale★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Grimm’s Fairy Tales★★White Bear TheatreApril 2018
Grit★★★★ Battersea Circus GardenMay 2018
Grotty★★★★The BunkerMay 2018
Guy★★★½The BunkerJune 2018
H.R.Haitch★★★★Union TheatreMay 2018
Hamilton (Lewis)★★★King’s Head TheatreSeptember 2018
Happy Days★★★★★The Tower TheatreApril 2019
Harold and Maude★★★★Charing Cross TheatreFebruary 2018
Haunting Julia★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchNovember 2018
Hawk ★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreDecember 2018
Head-rot Holiday★★★★Hope TheatreNovember 2018
Hear me Howl ★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Hear me Howl ★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreSeptember 2018
Hearing Things★★★★Omnibus TheatreJanuary 2019
Heartbreak House★★★★Union TheatreJanuary 2018
Heathers★★★★Theatre Royal HaymarketSeptember 2018
Hedgehogs & Porcupines★★★Old Red Lion TheatreOctober 2018
Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough★★½Park TheatreApril 2019
Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best★★Etcetera TheatreApril 2018
Her Not Him★★★Theatre503January 2018
Heretic Voices ★★★★Arcola TheatreJanuary 2018
Hidden Figures: WW2★★★★★COLAB FactoryMarch 2018
HMS Pinafore★★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
Hobson’s Choice ★★★★Jack Studio TheatreSeptember 2018
Homos, or Everyone in America★★★★Finborough TheatreAugust 2018
Honour ★★★Park TheatreOctober 2018
Honour Amongst Thieves★★★★Cornerhouse TheatreOctober 2018
Horrible Christmas★★★★Alexandra Palace TheatreDecember 2018
Hot Gay Time Machine★★★★★Trafalgar StudiosNovember 2018
Hot Lips & Cold War★★★★★London Theatre WorkshopFebruary 2018
Hotel★★★★Peacock TheatreFebruary 2019
Hotter★★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2019
Hotter Than A Pan★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
How It Is (Part One)★★½Print Room at the CoronetMay 2018
How to Date a Magical Creature★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
How to Make me Happy★★★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreJuly 2018
How to Survive a Post-Truth Apocalypse★★★Battersea Arts CentreMay 2018
Human Jam★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMay 2019
Hummingbird★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2018
Hymn to Love★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJuly 2018
Hypocrisy ★★★½Theatre503November 2018
I am of Ireland ★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJune 2018
I Knew You★★★★★Camden RoundhouseJune 2018
I Occur Here★★★★★The SpaceAugust 2018
I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t★★★★Camden People’s TheatreMarch 2018
I Will Miss you When You’re Gone★★½Hen & Chickens TheatreSeptember 2018
I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half)★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical★★★★★Live At ZédelAugust 2018
I Would Like To Get To Know You★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
Illicit Secrets: Bletchley★★★★Colab FactoryAugust 2018
Imaginationship★★Finborough TheatreJanuary 2018
In Conversation With Graham Norton★★★Hope TheatreJanuary 2019
In Loyal Company★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
In Search Of Applause★★Old Red Lion TheatreFebruary 2019
In the Shadow of the Mountain★★Old Red Lion TheatreMay 2018
In the Wake of★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2018
Indebted to Chance★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreNovember 2018
Inga★★★★Calder Bookshop & TheatreNovember 2018
Inside Voices★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Inspirit★★★★Vaulty TowersFebruary 2019
Institute Of Nuts★★★★Matchstick Piehouse TheatreMarch 2019
Into the Numbers★★★★Finborough TheatreJanuary 2018
Into the Woods★★★★Cockpit TheatreMay 2018
Intra MurosPark TheatreApril 2019
Intronauts★★★½Jacksons LaneJanuary 2019
Iolanthe★★★★Richmond TheatreMay 2018
Isaac Came Home From the Mountain★★★★Theatre503May 2018
Isaac Saddlesore & the Witches of Drenn★★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreApril 2018
It Happened in Key West★★Charing Cross TheatreJuly 2018
It Made me Consider★★★New Diorama TheatreFebruary 2018
It’s Only Life★★★★Union TheatreJune 2018
Jacques Brel: A Life a Thousand Times★★Mirth, Marvel and MaudSeptember 2018
Jade Anouka Poetry★★★★★Camden RoundhouseJune 2018
Jailbirds ★★Etcetera TheatreDecember 2018
Jake★★★Drayton ArmsOctober 2018
Jane Eyre★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyOctober 2018
Jeannie ★★★★Finborough TheatreNovember 2018
Jekyll & Hyde★★★★Chickenshed TheatreSeptember 2018
Jericho’s Rose★★★½Hope TheatreOctober 2018
Jerusalem★★★★★Progress TheatreFebruary 2019
Jerusalem★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyJune 2018
Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train★★★★★Young VicFebruary 2019
Joe Stilgoe: Christmas at the Movies★★★★Lyric HammersmithDecember 2018
Jonny Woo’s Un-royal Variety★★★★★Hackney EmpireOctober 2018
Julius Caesar★★★★★Bridge TheatreJanuary 2018
Juniper & Jules★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Just To Sit At Her Table, Silver Hammer & Mirabilis★★★Bread & Roses TheatreApril 2019
Kafka’s Dick★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseJune 2018
Keep Calm I’m Only Diabetic★★★Etcetera TheatreJune 2018
Ken★★★The BunkerJanuary 2018
Kes★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreMay 2018
Killymuck★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
King Lear★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2019
Kiss Chase★★★The BunkerJune 2018
Knights of the Rose★★★Arts TheatreJuly 2018
Knock Knock★★★★GBS TheatreJuly 2018
La Tragédie de Carmen★★★½Asylum PeckhamSeptember 2018
La Traviata★★★★Jacksons LaneMay 2018
La Traviata ★★★★King’s Head TheatreOctober 2018
Lady Windermere’s Fan★★★★Vaudeville TheatreJanuary 2018
Lamplighters★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJuly 2018
Laundry★★★The SpaceJanuary 2019
Laura ★★★½Soho TheatreDecember 2018
Layla and Majnun★★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreNovember 2018
Le Misanthrope★★½Camden People’s TheatreJune 2018
Left my Desk★★★★New Diorama TheatreMay 2018
Legally Blonde The Musical★★★★New Wimbledon TheatreJune 2018
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons★★★Barons Court TheatreMay 2019
Let’s Get Lost★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreJuly 2018
Libby’s Eyes★★★★The BunkerJune 2018
Liberty Rides Forth! ★★★★★Waterloo East TheatreOctober 2018
LiesThe London TheatreJune 2018
Like Lions★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2018
Like You Hate Me★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreApril 2019
L’Incoronazione Di Poppea★★★★Cockpit TheatreJanuary 2019
Lipstick: A Fairy Tale Of Iran★★★Omnibus TheatreFebruary 2019
Little by Little★★Etcetera TheatreSeptember 2018
Little Death Club★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankApril 2019
Little Mermaid Circus Sensation★★★½Underbelly Festival SouthbankJuly 2018
Little Miss Sunshine★★★★★Arcola TheatreApril 2019
Little Pieces of Gold★★★★★The SpaceOctober 2018
Little Potatoes★★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
Little Women ★★★½The SpaceDecember 2018
Liza Pulman Sings Streisand★★★★Live At ZédelMarch 2018
Lock & Key★★★The VaultsMarch 2018
Lola★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Lonely Planet★★★Trafalgar StudiosJune 2018
Love is a Work In Progress ★★★★The SpaceOctober 2018
Love Lab★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreAugust 2018
Love Lies Bleeding ★★★★Print Room at the CoronetNovember 2018
Love Me Now★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreMarch 2018
Love, Genius and a WalkDrayton ArmsOctober 2018
Lovebites★★★White Bear TheatreApril 2018
Love’s Labour’s Lost★★½Rose PlayhouseMarch 2018
Lucid★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2018
Macbeth★★★½Jacksons LaneMarch 2019
Macbeth★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMarch 2019
Macbeth★★½Rose PlayhouseFebruary 2018
Mad as Hell★★★Jermyn Street TheatreFebruary 2018
Madhouse re:exit★★★½Shoreditch Town HallMarch 2018
Maggie May    ★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2019
Magic Mike Live★★★★★Hippodrome CasinoNovember 2018
Man Of La Mancha★★★★London ColiseumApril 2019
Mary’s Babies★★★Jermyn Street TheatreMarch 2019
Mary’s Hand★★★Holy Cross ChurchAugust 2018
Masterpieces★★Finborough TheatreApril 2018
Me & My Doll★★The SpaceMay 2019
Me & My Left Ball★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJanuary 2019
Medea Electronica★★★OvalhouseJanuary 2018
Medicine ★★★Hope TheatreAugust 2018
Medusa★★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreOctober 2018
Meiwes / Brandes★★★Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2018
Metamorphosis★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2018
Midnight★★★★★Union TheatreSeptember 2018
Midnight In Manhattan ★★★½Pentameters TheatreNovember 2018
Mine★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2018
Miss Julie★★★Jermyn Street TheatreApril 2019
Miss Nightingale★★★★Hippodrome CasinoMarch 2018
Mitten Wir Im Leben Sind/Bach6Cellosuiten★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreApril 2019
Mob Wife: A Mafia Comedy★★★Cockpit TheatreJanuary 2019
Mojave★★★Camden People’s TheatreApril 2019
Mojo★★Hen & Chickens TheatreNovember 2018
Moments / Empty Beds★★★★Hope TheatreFebruary 2018
Momma Golda★★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2018
Monolog★★★Chickenshed TheatreFebruary 2018
Monolog 2★★★Chickenshed TheatreFebruary 2019
Moonfleece★★★Pleasance TheatreMarch 2018
Moot Moot★★The Yard TheatreOctober 2018
Mortgage★★★Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2019
Mortgage★★★★Omnibus TheatreMarch 2018
Mosley Must Fall ★★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreFebruary 2018
Motherhood or Madness★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreNovember 2018
Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok★★★★Stratford Circus Arts CentreApril 2018
Mouthpiece★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Mr Stink★★★★★Chickenshed TheatreJuly 2018
Mrs Dalloway★★★★Arcola TheatreOctober 2018
Much Ado About Nothing★★★★Rose Theatre KingstonApril 2018
Much Ado About Nothing ★★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreOctober 2018
Murder For Two★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyFebruary 2019
Murder for Two★★★★The Other PalaceDecember 2018
Murder She Didn’t Write★★★★Leicester Square TheatreSeptember 2018
Murder, She Didn’t Write★★★Leicester Square TheatreFebruary 2018
Muso ★★★★★The Grant Museum of ZoologyMarch 2018
My Brother’s Drug ★★★Blue Elephant TheatreOctober 2018
My Brother’s Keeper★★★★Playground TheatreFebruary 2019
My Dad the Magician★★★★Omnibus TheatreMarch 2018
My Dad’s Gap Year★★½Park TheatreFebruary 2019
My Evolution of the Cave Painting★★★★Hope TheatreFebruary 2018
My Gay Best Friend★★★★★Hope TheatreJanuary 2018
My White Best Friend★★★★★The BunkerMarch 2019
Mycorrhiza★★★The SpaceMay 2019
Mythic ★★★★Charing Cross TheatreOctober 2018
Narcissist In The Mirror★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
Neck Or Nothing★★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2019
Never Swim Alone★★★★Etcetera TheatreNovember 2018
Never Trust a Man Bun★★★★Stockwell PlayhouseMarch 2019
Neverland★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
Nice Work if You Can Get It★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseDecember 2018
Night Of The Living Dead Live★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2019
Nightfall★★★Bridge TheatreMay 2018
Nightmares in Progress★★★½Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2018
Nine Foot Nine★★★★The BunkerJune 2018
No Leaves on my Precious Self★★King’s Head TheatreOctober 2018
No Leaves on my Precious Self★★Drayton ArmsJuly 2018
No One is Coming to Save You ★★★★The BunkerJune 2018
No Show★★★★Soho TheatreJanuary 2019
Nofilter★★★Blue Elephant TheatreNovember 2018
Northanger Avenue★★★★White Bear TheatreMarch 2018
Not Quite★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreFebruary 2019
Notre Dame de Paris★★London ColiseumJanuary 2019
Noughts And Crosses★★Theatre Royal BrightonMarch 2019
Nuns★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJanuary 2019
Obsession★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreJune 2018
Octopus Soup!★★½Theatre Royal WindsorApril 2019
Oklahoma!★★★★The Gordon Craig TheatreAugust 2018
Old Fools★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2018
Omish★★★★★Courtyard TheatreNovember 2018
On Mother’s Day★★★½Cockpit TheatreAugust 2018
On Reflection★★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankMay 2019
Once★★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchOctober 2018
Once a Year on Blackpool Sands★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJune 2018
One Duck Down★★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2018
One Festival 2018 – Programme A★★★The SpaceJanuary 2018
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest★★★Chickenshed TheatreApril 2018
One Hundred Trillion★★★★★Old Vic WorkroomsMay 2019
One Last Waltz ★★★Greenwich TheatreMarch 2018
One Night With ..★★★★Studio 88October 2018
Oneness★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2019
Only Fools & Horses★★★★Theatre Royal HaymarketFebruary 2019
Opal Fruits★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Operation Mincemeat★★★★★New Diorama TheatreMay 2019
Operation Ouch!★★★★★Apollo TheatreDecember 2018
Ophelia★★★Etcetera TheatreMay 2018
Oranges & Elephants★★★Hoxton HallJanuary 2018
Oranges & Ink★★Tristan Bates TheatreMarch 2019
Original Death Rabbit★★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJanuary 2019
Orpheus Descending ★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryMay 2019
Othello★★★★Union TheatreMarch 2019
Other People’s Money★★★Southwark PlayhouseApril 2019
Our Big Love Story★★Hope TheatreMarch 2018
Ouroboros★★★★Camden People’s TheatreJuly 2018
Out of Step★★Drayton ArmsJanuary 2019
Outlying Islands★★★★King’s Head TheatreJanuary 2019
Owls★★★Barons Court TheatreJuly 2018
Pain(t)★★★★Time and Leisure StudioMarch 2019
Parenthood★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenMay 2019
Passage to India★★★Park TheatreFebruary 2018
Périclès, Prince de Tyr★★★★Silk Street TheatreApril 2018
Peter Pan★★★★Park TheatreDecember 2018
Phantasmagorical★★★Old Red Lion TheatreOctober 2018
Pickle Jar ★★★★★Soho TheatreOctober 2018
Pieces of String★★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterApril 2018
Pinocchio★★The Albany TheatreDecember 2018
Pippin★★★★Southwark PlayhouseFebruary 2018
Plaid Tidings★★★Bridge House TheatreDecember 2018
Plastic★★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2018
Plastic Soul★★★★The Yard TheatreJanuary 2019
Police Cops★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Post Mortem★★★★The SpaceApril 2019
Pramkicker★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Pressure★★★★Park TheatreApril 2018
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchMay 2018
Pyar Actually★★★★Theatre Royal Stratford EastMay 2018
Queen Of The Mist★★★½Jack Studio TheatreApril 2019
Queens of Sheba★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Queer Trilogy★★★Drayton ArmsMarch 2019
Queereteria TV★★Above the StagApril 2019
Quietly★★★Omnibus TheatreOctober 2018
Quiz★★★★Noël Coward TheatreApril 2018
Radiant Vermin★★★★Jack Studio TheatreNovember 2018
Radiant Vermin ★★★★Ram Jam RecordsSeptember 2018
Random Selfies★★★OvalhouseMarch 2018
Rats Etcetera TheatreNovember 2018
Reading Gaol★★★½Theatre N16July 2018
Really Want to Hurt me★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreFebruary 2018
Reared★★★Theatre503April 2018
Reboot: Shorts 2★★★★The BunkerOctober 2018
Reboot:Shorts★★★The BunkerApril 2018
Red★★★★★Wyndham’s TheatreMay 2018
Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva The Young Woman Applauded Herself ★★★★★OvalhouseMay 2019
Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine★★★★★Camden RoundhouseApril 2018
Rendezvous in Bratislava ★★★★★Battersea Arts CentreNovember 2018
Return to the Forbidden Planet★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseMay 2018
Returning to Haifa★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2018
Revolution★★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2018
Richard II★★Bread & Roses TheatreAugust 2018
Riot Act★★★★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2018
Rip It Up – The 60s★★★Garrick TheatreFebruary 2019
Rite Of Spring★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreMay 2019
Robin Hood★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyDecember 2018
Robin Hood: The Arrow Of Destiny ★★★★★Theatre PeckhamDecember 2018
Rocky Horror Show★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonDecember 2018
Romance Romance★★★★Above the StagMarch 2019
Romeo & Juliet★★Waterloo East TheatreJune 2018
Rope★★★★Rialto TheatreMay 2018
Rope ★★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchFebruary 2018
Rosenbaum’s Rescue★★★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2019
Rotterdam★★★★Theatre Royal BrightonApril 2019
Rough ★★Theatre N16September 2018
Rush★★★½The SpaceAugust 2018
Ruthless the Musical ★★Arts TheatreMarch 2018
Sacha Guitry, Ma Fille Et Moi★★★½Playground TheatreJanuary 2019
Safety Net★½Etcetera TheatreApril 2019
Saga★★★★Etcetera TheatreMarch 2019
Salad Days★★★Theatre Royal BrightonSeptember 2018
Sam, The Good Person★★★The BunkerJanuary 2019
San Domino★★Tristan Bates TheatreJune 2018
Sancho – An act of Remembrance★★★★★Wilton’s Music HallJune 2018
Saphira★★½Etcetera TheatreMay 2018
Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2018
Say my Name★★★★Theatre N16October 2018
Scary Bikers★★★★Trafalgar StudiosApril 2019
Schrodinger’s Dog★★★★White Bear TheatreNovember 2018
Scripts for Supper: The Wind in the Willows★★★★★Stepney City FarmMay 2019
Section 2 ★★★★The BunkerJune 2018
Semites ★★★The BunkerOctober 2018
Serve Cold★★Katzpace Studio TheatreAugust 2018
Seussical The Musical★★★★Southwark PlayhouseNovember 2018
Sex Magick★★★Barons Court TheatreOctober 2018
Sex Sex Men Men★★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
Sex/Crime★★★★The GloryApril 2018
Sexy Laundry★★★Tabard TheatreNovember 2018
Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare: The Taming Of The Shrew★★★★★Leicester Square TheatreApril 2019
Sh!t-Faced Showtime: Oliver With A Twist★★Leicester Square TheatreMarch 2019
Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice★★★★Leicester Square TheatreApril 2018
Sh*t-faced Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet★★★★Leicester Square TheatreJune 2018
Sh*t-faced Showtime: Oliver With a Twist!★★★Leicester Square TheatreSeptember 2018
Shackleton & His Stowaway★★½Cervantes TheatreApril 2019
Shakespeare’s Mad Women★★★★Theatre N16June 2018
Shanter★★★Old Red Lion TheatreMarch 2018
Shift★★★★Shoreditch Town HallMay 2019
Side Show★★★½CLF Art CafeOctober 2018
Significant Other: Inc★★½The VaultsApril 2018
Silence★★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterOctober 2018
Silk Road★★★★Trafalgar StudiosAugust 2018
Sinatra: Raw★★★★★Live At ZédelJanuary 2019
Sirens of the Silver Screen★★★Tabard TheatreJune 2018
Sisyphus Distressing★★★★Blue Elephant TheatreMarch 2018
Six★★★★★Arts TheatreMarch 2019
Six★★★★★Arts TheatreJanuary 2018
Soap★★★★★Underbelly Festival SouthbankMay 2018
Soft Animals★★★★Soho TheatreFebruary 2019
Songs For Nobodies★★★★Wilton’s Music HallMarch 2018
Sophie, Ben, and Other Problems★★★★Tabard TheatreApril 2018
Soul Sessions★★★★Trafalgar StudiosFebruary 2019
Specky Ginger C*nt ★★½Katzpace Studio TheatreNovember 2018
Spiked★★★★Pleasance TheatreApril 2018
Split★★★★★Network TheatreMarch 2018
Spring Awakening the Musical★★★★Stockwell PlayhouseAugust 2018
Square Rounds★★★Finborough TheatreSeptember 2018
Standard:Elite★★★★★OvalhouseMay 2018
Starved★★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreApril 2019
Status★★★½Battersea Arts CentreApril 2019
Staying Faithful★★Drayton ArmsMarch 2019
Stepping Out★★★Jack Studio TheatreJune 2018
Stick Man★★★½Leicester Square TheatreOctober 2018
Stitchers★★★½Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2018
Stop and Search★★Arcola TheatreJanuary 2019
Strangers in Between★★★★Trafalgar StudiosJanuary 2018
Stream★★★Drayton ArmsApril 2019
Strictly Ballroom★★★★Piccadilly TheatreApril 2018
Strike Up The Band★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseMarch 2019
Striking 12★★★★Union TheatreDecember 2018
Stuffed ★★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2018
Sugar Baby★★★★Soho TheatreMay 2018
Suicide★★★½The Other PalaceMay 2018
Suicide Notes … The Spoken Word of Christopher Brett Bailey★★★½Shoreditch Town HallMay 2018
Summer Street★★★Waterloo East TheatreMay 2019
Sundowning ★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreOctober 2018
Super Duper Close Up★★★★★The Yard TheatreNovember 2018
Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
Swan Lake★★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreDecember 2018
Sweet Like Chocolate Boy★★★★★Jack Studio TheatreNovember 2018
Swimming★★★★White Bear TheatreApril 2019
Table★★★★The Tower TheatreNovember 2018
Taking Flight★★★New Diorama TheatreJune 2018
Tales from the Phantasmagoria★★★Old Red Lion TheatreMay 2018
Talk Radio★★★½The Tower TheatreMarch 2019
Talos II★★★Bread & Roses TheatreMarch 2018
Tango Fire★★★★Peacock TheatreJanuary 2019
Taro★★★½Jack Studio TheatreJanuary 2019
Teddy★★★★The VaultsApril 2018
Teddy★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyJanuary 2018
Testament★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2018
Th’Importance Of Bein’ Earnest★★★Drayton ArmsFebruary 2019
That Girl★★★Old Red Lion TheatreSeptember 2018
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee★★★★Drayton ArmsMay 2018
The Absolute Truth About Absolutely Everything★★★Camden People’s TheatreMay 2018
The Act★★★½The Yard TheatreJuly 2018
The Agency★★Old Red Lion TheatreOctober 2018
The Amber Trap★★★Theatre503April 2019
The Archive of Educated Hearts★★★★Pleasance TheatreOctober 2018
The Art of Gaman★★★★Theatre503October 2018
The Band★★★★Theatre Royal HaymarketDecember 2018
The Bay At Nice★★½Menier Chocolate FactoryMarch 2019
The Beautiful Game★★★Drayton ArmsAugust 2018
The Bekkrell Effect★★★Camden RoundhouseApril 2018
The Big Things★★½Barons Court TheatreApril 2018
The Biograph Girl★★★Finborough TheatreMay 2018
The Box of Delights★★★★Wilton’s Music HallDecember 2018
The Break-up Autopsy★★★★Etcetera TheatreOctober 2018
The Buzz★★★Bread & Roses TheatreMay 2018
The Cat in the Hat★★★Rose Theatre KingstonApril 2019
The Cherry Orchard★★★★Union TheatreMarch 2018
The Clementine Show★★★★Live At ZédelJuly 2018
The Cloakroom Attendant★★★Tristan Bates TheatreJuly 2018
The Cluedo Club Killings★★★King’s Head TheatreJuly 2018
The Comedy About a Bank Robbery ★★★★★Criterion TheatreApril 2018
The Comet★★★★Print Room at the CoronetMarch 2018
The Conductor★★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
The Country Wife★★★Southwark PlayhouseApril 2018
The Crown Dual★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2019
The Croydon Avengers★★★OvalhouseJune 2018
The Crumple Zone★★King’s Head TheatreNovember 2018
The Crystal Egg Live★★★The VaultsJanuary 2018
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2019
The Cut ★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreNovember 2018
The Dame★★★★Park TheatreJanuary 2019
The Daughter-In-Law★★★★★Arcola TheatreJanuary 2019
The Daughter-in-Law★★★★Arcola TheatreMay 2018
The Dead★★★Print Room at the CoronetDecember 2018
The Death Of Ivan IlyichRialto Theatre BrightonMay 2019
The Diana Tapes★★Stockwell PlayhouseJune 2018
The Dip★★★★The SpaceFebruary 2019
The Distance You Have Come★★★★Cockpit TheatreOctober 2018
The Divide★★★★Old VicFebruary 2018
The Dog / The Cat★★★★★Hope TheatreSeptember 2018
The Dog Beneath the Skin★★★Jermyn Street TheatreMarch 2018
The Emperor and the Concubine★★★★Sadler’s Wells TheatreOctober 2018
The End of History★★★½St Giles-in-the-Fields ChurchJune 2018
The Enemies★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2018
The Fatal Eggs★★★★★Barons Court TheatreApril 2019
The First Modern Man★★★Hen & Chickens TheatreFebruary 2019
The Full Bronte★★★The SpaceOctober 2018
The Funeral Director★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseNovember 2018
The Game of Love and Chai★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchApril 2018
The Gap★★★★Bread & Roses TheatreOctober 2018
The German Girls★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreAugust 2018
The Glass Piano★★★★Print Room at the CoronetApril 2019
The Golden F**king Years★★★Jack Studio TheatreApril 2018
The Good Landlord★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
The Good, The Bad And The Fifty★★★★Wilton’s Music HallFebruary 2019
The Grand Expedition★★★★★Secret LocationFebruary 2019
The Greater Game ★★Waterloo East TheatreNovember 2018
The Grift ★★★Bethnal Green Town Hall HotelJanuary 2018
The Gronholm Method★★★★Menier Chocolate FactoryMay 2018
The Gulf★★★Tristan Bates TheatreApril 2018
The Half-God of Rainfall★★★★Kiln TheatreApril 2019
The Hired Man★★★Queen’s Theatre HornchurchApril 2019
The Incident ★★★Canada Water TheatreOctober 2018
The Inheritance ★★★★Noël Coward TheatreOctober 2018
The Interpretation of Dreams★★★The BunkerNovember 2018
The King & I★★★★London PalladiumJuly 2018
The Lady From The Sea★★Print Room at the CoronetFebruary 2019
The Lady With a Dog★★★★White Bear TheatreFebruary 2018
The Lady With a Dog ★★★★Tabard TheatreMarch 2018
The Lesson★★★★Hope TheatreSeptember 2018
The Lieutenant of Inishmore★★★★Noël Coward TheatreJuly 2018
The Life I Lead★★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
The Little Pony★★★★Cervantes TheatreJune 2018
The Marvelous Wonderettes★★★★Upstairs at the GatehouseApril 2019
The Messiah★★★★The Other PalaceDecember 2018
The Mikado★★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2018
The Misanthrope★★Theatro TechnisApril 2018
The Moor★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreFebruary 2018
The Nature of Forgetting★★★★Shoreditch Town HallApril 2018
The Night Alive★★★½Jack Studio TheatreMay 2018
The Night Before Christmas★★★Southwark PlayhouseNovember 2018
The Noble Nine★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2019
The Noises★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreApril 2019
The North! The North!★★★Omnibus TheatreMarch 2018
The Old Room★★White Bear TheatreApril 2018
The Open House★★★★Print Room at the CoronetJanuary 2018
The Orchestra★★★Omnibus TheatreJanuary 2019
The Other Place★★★Park TheatreSeptember 2018
The Outsider★★★★★Print Room at the CoronetSeptember 2018
The Parade★★★Arcola TheatreMay 2018
The Pirates Of Penzance★★★★Wilton’s Music HallFebruary 2019
The Play About my Dad★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJune 2018
The Poetry We Make★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
The Polished Scar★★★Rialto TheatreMay 2018
The Political History of Smack and Crack★★★★Soho TheatreSeptember 2018
The Problem With Fletcher Mott★★★Drayton ArmsFebruary 2019
The Problem With Fletcher Mott★★★★Tristan Bates TheatreSeptember 2018
The Project★★★White Bear TheatreMarch 2019
The Rape of Lucretia★★★★Arcola TheatreJuly 2018
The Rat Pack – Live From Las Vegas★★★½Theatre Royal HaymarketJanuary 2018
The Rink★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2018
The Rise & Fall of Little Voice★★★★Park TheatreAugust 2018
The Rivals★★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburyMarch 2018
The Rubenstein Kiss★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMarch 2019
The Ruffian On The Stair★★★★Hope TheatreJanuary 2019
The Seagull★★½Lion & Unicorn TheatreJune 2018
The Seagull★★★Theatro TechnisApril 2018
The Seagull ★★★The Tower TheatreNovember 2018
The Secret Letters of Gertie & HenTime and Leisure StudioOctober 2018
The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives★★★★★Arcola TheatreJune 2018
The Selfish Giant★★★★Omnibus TheatreDecember 2018
The Shape Of the Pain★★★★★Wilton’s Music HallMarch 2019
The Silence Of Snow★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2019
The Simon & Garfunkel Story★★★Lyric TheatreApril 2019
The Simon & Garfunkel Story★★★★Lyric TheatreJuly 2018
The Sleeper★★★The SpaceApril 2018
The Snowman★★★★★Peacock TheatreNovember 2018
The Soul of Wittgenstein★★★Omnibus TheatreFebruary 2018
The South Afreakins★★★★★The SpaceFebruary 2019
The Sweet Science of Bruising★★★★Southwark PlayhouseOctober 2018
The Swell Mob★★★COLAB FactoryMay 2019
The Talented Mr Ripley★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
The Tempest★★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenJune 2018
The Tempest★★★½Jack Studio TheatreFebruary 2018
The Thread★★½Sadler’s Wells TheatreMarch 2019
The Three Musketeers★★★St Paul’s Church Covent GardenAugust 2018
The Trench★★★Southwark PlayhouseOctober 2018
The Trials Of Oscar Wilde★★★★Theatre Royal WindsorMarch 2019
The Turn of the Screw★★★Mercury Theatre ColchesterMarch 2018
The Unbuilt City★★★King’s Head TheatreJune 2018
The Unnatural Tragedy★★★★★White Bear TheatreJuly 2018
The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar★★★★Etcetera TheatreDecember 2018
The War Of The Worlds★★★½New Diorama TheatreJanuary 2019
The Wasp★★★★The SpaceApril 2019
The White Rose★★★★Jack Studio TheatreJuly 2018
The Wider Earth★★★½Jerwood GalleryOctober 2018
The Wrong Ffion Jones★★★★★The VaultsFebruary 2019
The Yellow Wallpaper★★★★Omnibus TheatreJune 2018
There but for the Grace of God (Go I) ★★★★Soho TheatreAugust 2018
There or Here★★★½Park TheatreJanuary 2018
These Rooms★★★★★Shoreditch Town HallJune 2018
Think of England★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
This is Elvis★★★Theatre Royal BrightonJuly 2018
This Island’s Mine★★★★★King’s Head TheatreMay 2019
This Restless State★★★OvalhouseMarch 2018
This Story of Yours★★★White Bear TheatreJanuary 2018
Three Shades★★★★Ram Jam RecordsMarch 2019
Three Sisters★★★★Jack Studio TheatreMarch 2018
Three Sisters by RashDash after Chekhov★★★★The Yard TheatreMay 2018
Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story★★★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
Time Is Love★★★½Finborough TheatreJanuary 2019
Timeless★★★Theatre N16October 2018
Timpson: The Musical★★★King’s Head TheatreFebruary 2019
Tiny Dynamite★★★★Old Red Lion TheatreJanuary 2018
Title Of Show★★★★Above the StagFebruary 2019
To Have to Shoot Irishmen★★★★Omnibus TheatreOctober 2018
To Kill a Mockingbird ★★★½The Tower TheatreOctober 2018
To Move In Time★★½The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
To the Moon… and Back… and Back… ★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2018
Toast★★★The Other PalaceApril 2019
Tobacco Road★★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2019
Tom★★★★Lilian Baylis StudioNovember 2018
Tom Gates★★★★Richmond TheatreMarch 2019
Tomorrow at Noon★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreMay 2018
Tomorrow Creeps★★★★The VaultsJanuary 2018
Tonight at 8.30★★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreApril 2018
Tony’s Last Tape★★★★Omnibus TheatreApril 2019
Too Young to Stay in★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2018
Trainspotting Live★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2018
Trap Street ★★★★New Diorama TheatreMarch 2018
Trial by Laughter★★★★Watermill Theatre NewburySeptember 2018
Tumble Tuck★★★★King’s Head TheatreApril 2018
Tumulus★★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Twang!!★★★★Union TheatreApril 2018
Twelfth Night★★★Rose PlayhouseApril 2019
Twelfth Night★★★Wilton’s Music HallSeptember 2018
Two for the Seesaw★★Trafalgar StudiosJuly 2018
Two Of A Kind★★★Bread & Roses TheatreJanuary 2019
Ubu Roi★★★★★ The Warren BrightonMay 2018
Unbelonger ★★★½Cockpit TheatreNovember 2018
Unburied ★★★★★Waterloo East TheatreMarch 2018
Uncle Vanya★★★★Hope TheatreApril 2019
Undersong★★★★★OvalhouseJune 2018
Undetectable★★★★King’s Head TheatreMarch 2019
Unexploded Ordnances (UXO)★★★The Pit TheatreMay 2018
Unicorn★★★½Theatre N16May 2018
Unsung★★★½King’s Head TheatreApril 2019
V for Victory★★★★Stockwell PlayhouseMarch 2018
Verde, Agua y Luna★★★½Calder Bookshop & TheatreMay 2019
Vincent River ★★★★Park TheatreMarch 2018
Violet★★Charing Cross TheatreJanuary 2019
Voices From Home★★★½Old Red Lion TheatreNovember 2018
Vol 2.0★★★Etcetera TheatreNovember 2018
Vulvarine★★★★★The VaultsMarch 2019
Waitress★★★★Adelphi TheatreMarch 2019
Wasted ★★★Southwark PlayhouseSeptember 2018
Ways To Submit★★★★The Yard TheatreFebruary 2019
We can Time Travel ★★★Shoreditch Town HallApril 2018
We Know Now Snowmen Exist★★★The SpaceMarch 2019
Welcome ..?★★★★Bridewell TheatreOctober 2018
Welcome Home★★★Old Red Lion TheatreAugust 2018
Welcome to the Big Top★★★★Live At ZédelOctober 2018
Welcome To The UK★★The BunkerJanuary 2019
Well-Strung★★★Live At ZédelOctober 2018
We’re Staying Right Here★★★★Park TheatreMarch 2019
West End Eurovision 2018★★★★Shaftesbury TheatreApril 2018
We’ve Got Each Other★★★½The VaultsFebruary 2019
What the… Feminist?!★★★★Katzpace Studio TheatreApril 2018
What’s The Story★★★Lion & Unicorn TheatreFebruary 2018
White Guy on the Bus★★★★Finborough TheatreMarch 2018
Why is the Sky Blue?★★★★★Southwark PlayhouseMay 2018
Why The Child Is Cooking In The Polenta★★Gate TheatreMay 2019
Will or Eight Lost Years of Young William Shakespeare’s Life★★★★Rose PlayhouseMarch 2018
William Andrews: Willy★★★★★Soho TheatreApril 2019
Without That Certain Thing★★★Network TheatreFebruary 2019
Witt ‘n Camp★★★The VaultsFebruary 2018
Wolfie★★★★★Theatre503March 2019
Woman Before a Glass★★★★Jermyn Street TheatreJanuary 2018
Woman of the Year★★★The SpaceOctober 2018
Worth a Flutter★★Hope TheatreMay 2018
Yamato – Passion★★★★★Peacock TheatreMarch 2019
Yerma ★★Cervantes TheatreNovember 2018
Yokes Night★★★Gerry’s Theatre Royal Stratford EastMarch 2018
Your Molotov Kisses ★★★★Etcetera TheatreAugust 2018
Zara★★★★★Geraldine Mary Harmsworth ParkMay 2019
Zeus on the Loose★★Cockpit TheatreAugust 2018