The Tempest

Rose Playhouse Theatre

Reviewed – 22nd June 2017




“Marianne Hyatt’s Prospero is engaging and draws the audience into the scenes”


The Rose was originally built in 1587 and where Shakespeare learnt his craft.  The Playhouse was rebuilt on the original site after remains were discovered in 1989 during an archaeological dig.  This small, intimate and quirky theatre makes a fitting venue for The Tempest.

Adapted by Sue Frumin for an all female cast she has made some interesting changes and character developments to the original play. 

Prospero played by Marianne Hyatt, becoming a mother figure to Miranda played by Lakshmi Khabrabi, showed a very different relationship to other more traditional interpretations of the play. This relationship worked exceptionally well.

Marianne Hyatt was the most engaging performer and drew the audience into the scenes.  She was incredibly articulate in her role of Prospero both in her monologues and in song.

The initial shipwreck scene utilised the wider space very effectively but it was a pity that this wasn’t used more throughout the play.

Lots of the relationships between characters were overtly sexual. Although this was a unique twist which gave a different dimension to the play it took away some of the power of Miranda and Ferdinand’s relationship.

The background music throughout the play was used very effectively. The light projection may have been more effective from another seat but we were unable to see it properly from our seats.

Chatting behind the scenes needs to be kept to a minimum as this occasionally disrupted the performance but this could be due to the fact that we saw it on the first evening.

An interesting new take on Shakespeare but needing more development and focus.


Reviewed by Angela East

Production Images by Ray Malone


This show was reviewed at the first preview performance by prior agreement with the Rose Playhouse Theatre




The Tempest

is at The Rose Playhouse until 2nd July