It Made me Consider Me – 3 Stars


It Made me Consider me

New Diorama Theatre

Reviewed – 6th February 2018


“interactive elements are interesting, but some feel a little rushed and unfocused”


Gruff theatre invites you into a surreal dystopia in their immersive show It Made Me Consider Me at the New Diorama. Set in an impressive site specific office location, the show plays with memory, using it as a commodity, a weapon and an opiate.

This is a very hard review to write as the strength of this show lies in the individual experience of the audience members – so spoilers are definitely out. What is admirable is this show’s ambition. It’s taken the challenge of a huge imposing space, with labyrinthine corridors and attempted to fill it with a story that is both out there and intimate. In many ways, they succeed. There is an eerie feeling, like you’ve stumbled into a an episode of Black Mirror. However obscure, the story telling is consistent and stays rooted in its characters. There are some awkward, chilling moments which catch you off guard.

Unfortunately, for me, the show relies too heavily on the surreal, some of the traits too overblown. It’s more powerful when it stays simple and true. The fragile Christopher stands out as particularly effective as his personal memories are manipulated in front of his perspective ‘colleagues’ – its awkward, squirming and very real. In comparison, Ralph’s more profound and obvious breakdown seems garish. It’s fun, but it loses some of the emotional impact. The interactive elements are interesting, but some feel a little rushed and unfocused. Some moments are give the time to hit, which breaks the tension.

Overall, this was a very interesting experience, but a little scattered. The performances were sharp and the manipulation of the space was brilliant, but subtle was over powered by absurdities or not given room to breathe. This is an exciting company, but they need to have the confidence to not over do their own effects.


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Photography by Camilla Greenwell


It Made me Consider me

New Diorama Theatre until 21st February



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