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Thriller Live

Thriller Live


Lyric Theatre

Thriller Live

Thriller Live

Lyric Theatre

Reviewed – 10th December 2019



“an energetic and spectacular tribute to one of the most influential artists who has ever lived”


Thriller Live first opened at the Lyric Theatre in London in 2009 and since then has had over 4,000 performances and is soon to be the 11th longest running musical in the West End. Celebrating the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, Thriller Live, produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol, takes its audience on a journey through the King of Pop’s greatest hits from his early life in the Jackson 5 to his dizzying success with the albums Bad and Thriller.

The show has little plot other than a vague chronology of Jackson’s life and musical career. The incredibly cute Ishaan Raithatha plays a young Michael Jackson and leads on ABC and I Want You Back while Florivaldo Mossi does an excellent job of playing the King of Pop at the height of his career. With Mossi’s effortless flair, it’s easy to forget that you are not actually watching MJ himself. In Billie Jean, Mossi takes to the stage alone and dominates the space with his incredible imitation of Jackson’s dancing. The choreography (Gary Lloyd) is incredible throughout the show and particularly notable during Dangerous, Dirty Diana and Smooth Criminal.

For a special two-week run this Christmas, singer Peter Andre also joins the cast. There is great excitement for Andre amongst the crowd and any appearance of his on-stage garners whoops and cheers. Andre did well to keep up with the King of Pop’s signature moves, but his voice is unfortunately not nearly as strong as the other singers. The strongest vocalist is Vivienne Ekwulugo who leads a beautiful rendition of Who’s Loving You.

Haydon Eshun and John Moabi do well to host the show though there is no one person who is particularly good at getting the audience going. Any enthusiasm from the crowd is the result of favourite songs rather than engaging audience participation. During Shake Your Body, the cast attempt to start a sing along but it is far too early in the show for the audience to really be warmed up enough. By the finale, however, the audience are far more receptive.

The set (Johnathan Park) consists of several screens one of which opens at the back of the stage to create an entrance and from behind which the band plays. Two tall light-up staircases sit either side and lead up to a walkway where the cast dance and in Smooth Criminal show off Jackson’s famous anti-gravity lean. There is another large screen that hangs above the stage and displays different images depending on the song. Bursts of light and flashing effects (Nigel Catmur) are also frequently used to enhance crescendo moments.

There are few props, but these are barely necessary as the dancing and lights are engaging enough. During Smooth Criminal and Dirty Diana in the second half, two sofas are wheeled around to add variety to the dancing. There is also some flag waving at the end of Can You Feel It and fake drums to match the banging in They Don’t Care About Us. The costumes (Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum) are suitably Jackson-esque with lots of sparkles and iconic outfits such as the Smooth Criminal white suit and the red Thriller jacket.

Michael Jackson fan or not, it is hard to not find yourself bopping along in your seat or, when encouraged, to stand to your feet and sing along. Though some more information on Jackson’s life would have been appreciated, Thriller Live is an energetic and spectacular tribute to one of the most influential artists who has ever lived.


Reviewed by Flora Doble

Photography by Betty Zapata


Thriller Live

Lyric Theatre until 26th April


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Thriller Live – Extends


Record-breaking Thriller Live announces a new booking period to Sunday 1 April 2018


Producers today announce a new 12-month booking period to April 1, 2018. Thriller Live, which on 26 March becomes the 9th longest running show – musical or play – in the West End, has now been seen by over 4.2 milion people in 33 countries and played over 5,400 performances worldwide, never failing to get a standing ovation.

Thriller Live first Moonwalked into the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in January 2009. It holds the record as the longest ever run of a show since the theatre started entertaining the capital in December 1888.

Thriller Live is also receiving 5 star rave reviews on a major tour, playing theatres across the UK and several countries across Europe. The final UK dates on the current leg of the tour are Waterfront Hall, Belfast (16 – 18 March); Grand Theatre Swansea (20 – 25 March); Grand Theatre Leeds (11 – 15 April).

A new UK tour will set out in autumn,
dates to be announced soon



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