Review of Boom – 4 Stars



Theatre 503

Reviewed – 9th August 2017





“an extremely entertaining and insightful piece of theatre that breaks the stereotypes of sci-fi plays.”



Boom by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb was a fantastic surrealist production that combined the bizarre with the hilarious. Directed by Katherine Nesbitt, this apocalyptic drama was funny and engaging but also carried some insightful observations of human behaviour and was filled with intrigue and twists. Jules the protagonist places an internet advert for ‘sex to change the course of the world’ an advert that is answered by a young student called Jo. It quickly emerges that Jules is in fact gay and the advert was meant in a far more literal sense than expected. Jules, a marine biologist has discovered that an apocalypse is nigh and has invited Jo to his bunker to survive and procreate with him.

The whole cast was fabulous delivering impressive, high energy performances. Will Merrick’s performance was sensitive and entertaining in his portrayal of the awkward, well-meaning Jules and Nicole Sawyerr played the spunky, stubborn character of Jo with a relatable frustration. Mandi Symonds provided a hilarious and energetic performance as Barbara and really drew the audience into her story bringing even more excitement and humour to the stage.

The set, by designer Nicole Blackwell, added to the intrigue of the story with a variety of bizarre objects. A large yellow door was in the middle of the stage with a fish tank, a strange chair with levers all over it, a chest of drawers, ipod speakers and a stool. As the narrative unfolded all these items became relevant to the story right until the climax at the end of the play. The costume was colourful and intriguing, like the narrative.

Boom provides impressive, impactful performances. Combined with an excellent creative team and exceptional writing, the result is in an extremely entertaining and insightful piece of theatre that breaks the stereotypes of sci-fi plays.


Reviewed by Olivia Ellison

Photography by Lidia Crisafulli 




is at Theatre 503 until 26th August



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