Review of Mendoza – 4 Stars



Southwark Playhouse

Reviewed – 26th October 2017



“the direction made you feel the heat bearing down from the equatorial sun”


CASA Festival has been on at the Arcola Theatre and Southwark Playhouse for the last eight weeks ending this weekend.


Mendoza is another hit from this 10 year old Latin American Theatre Festival and feels well received. A real sense of atmosphere was created by the intimate space and mood lighting throughout.

Getting used to the surtitles (the show is presented in Spanish) takes some time but after a few minutes you’re a fully committed audience member and barely notice them. Clear characterisation all round meant that gestures and tone of voice were often enough for the audience to absorb the action and I didn’t feel the need to rely on the surtitles to know what was happening.


The live animal on stage was a treat and felt well placed. The performance made me feel committed to the plot of Macbeth, and even though I knew the story and outcome, this did not distract from this more exotic interpretation.

Set during the 19th century Mexican war of independence, the direction made you feel the heat bearing down from the equatorial sun and the contextual tension of the time. Colour and action bring to life this fast-paced blood shedding of a play in Los Colchos’s reimagining of Macbeth.  Catch it if you can!


Reviewed by Lucy Marsh

Photography by Alma Curiel





is at Southwark Playhouse until 28th October as part of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival




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