I Remember

Pleasance Theatre

Reviewed – 29th September 2017





“The talent and skill involved in making I Remember is unquestionable”



As part of Litmus Fest, The Loumgair Collective presents I Remember, a deeply personal account of one woman’s experience of Asperger’s Syndrome told through spoken word and musical accompaniment. A love letter which charts her journey from diagnosis to the current day, this piece attempts to explore a much misunderstood condition and the people who face it.

The work undoubtedly has fantastic potential. There is an admirable clarity of focus in how Loumgair has approached this work. The use of the soundscape is particularly impressive; it slowly builds to a cacophony of abstract sounds that bombard the audience (ear plugs are provided on arrival if it gets too much). Not only does it suit the mood, but as a device, it nicely reflects the multitude of untranslatable stimuli that someone with the condition may have to deal with. The performance is eloquent and earnest, Georgina Norie is a confident performer and the care and respect for each syllable is clear even when competing with the growing crescendo.

My concern is that as a piece of theatre, it remains a difficult piece to engage with. The spoken-word is rhythmic and lyrical but offers little variation in tone or sentiment. While impassioned, it is repetitive and what starts off as charming, is in danger of becoming monotonous.

Despite this, I think this is a piece that is worth sticking with. An excellent example of what Litmus Fest is about – work with a strong agenda that requires support and development, incorporating multiple disciplines. The talent and skill involved in making I Remember is unquestionable and I will be interested to see its next incarnation.


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was at The Pleasance Theatre

as part of Litmus Fest 2017




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