Witt ‘n Camp – 3 Stars


Witt ‘n Camp

The Vaults

Reviewed – 17th February 2018


“Witt and Camp both maintain enviable vocal control throughout the musical numbers”


There can be no doubt that this piece lives up to its name. ‘Witt and Camp’ is a smart, sexy and skillful piece which examines the importance of feminine alliances. Inhabiting a variety of female characters, Charlie Howitt (Witt) and Holly Campbell (Camp) examine what happens when women tear each other down, as well as what can happen when they preserve and bolster each other’s ego, morale and heart. There is no exact plot – just as one would expect from a cabaret piece – but the recurrence of several characters allows the audience to find meaning in what could so easily have seemed a random collection of sketches.

A prime example of this comes from watching the women playfully compete to out-pun one another at an audience member’s expense. Awarding each other points for good ideas and laughing at each other’s jokes allows a warmth to emerge throughout the auditorium. In contrast, however, two squabbling opera stars (who delight the audience in an operatic rendition of several Nicki Minaj classics) attacking each other verbally and physically each time we meet them is nowhere near as affecting. As funny as the fist fighting here ought to be, the moment lacks energy and the room feels let down by it. Another example comes as Howitt battles the temptation to start smoking again, and it is discouragement from her friend that eventually prevents her from doing so. Yet again, the physical comedy is what lets this scene down. She begins to provocatively but somewhat ridiculously pull cigarettes from everywhere you could imagine, and the scene is only redeemed by the support present in the relationships within it.

In summary, Witt and Camp both maintain enviable vocal control throughout the musical numbers, and they have undoubtedly created some fascinating characters. If you see the piece, however, I urge you to look beyond the awkward physical comedy and the moments of try-hard sexiness to focus on watching women lean on each other in the face of abusive relationships, addiction and pub quizzes. If you’re able to look beyond the questions of “Why is she laying an egg?” and “Where did the nipple tassels come from?”, ‘Witt and Camp’ is a fun, saucy and amusing production.


Reviewed by Sydney Austin



Witt ‘n Camp

Vaults Theatre



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