All That Malarkey – Glitterball – 5 Stars


All That Malarkey – Glitterball

King’s Head Theatre

Reviewed – 13th July 2018


“A riotously hilarious cabaret of musical mash-ups and stunning harmonies”


All That Malarkey’s ‘Glitterball’ is a riotously hilarious cabaret of musical mash-ups and stunning harmonies that somehow manages to deepen ones appreciation of camp classics whilst providing one of the funniest evening’s entertainment I’ve had in a long time.

“Keep it gay” is declared in the show’s opening number, and it’s a promise this ‘classical cabaret ensemble’ fully deliver on. Presenting one hundred years of camp, our four singers begin as Pride flag wielding warriors under the scathing and witty gaze of musical director David George Harrington (who, despite the sweltering heat, is a passionate and powerful force behind the keyboard) and it only gets better from there.

It would be accurate to describe the act as sliding effortlessly from touching renditions of Tchaikovsky to mad Lady Gaga mash-ups, but that would be doing the work of Harrington and his singers an injustice. The medleys, though treading familiar ground (Queen, ABBA, et al.), are wonderfully original, utilising the vocal dexterity of the ensemble to create a blend of a cappella, classical harmonies, barbershop-esque backing vocals and camp storytelling that feels totally unique. Harrington himself becomes compare in between numbers and is comfortable interjecting at random during songs to add to the chaos.

Amy Elizabeth Fuller, Eleias Roberts, Frances Gregory and Roland George Harrad are the four singers working on this particular show, and they all excel. Not only are their voices strong and dextrous, but they have the compelling ability to commit fully to what they’re singing (despite its constant ridiculousness), whilst simultaneously not taking themselves at all seriously, and yet still shedding new light on old classics. Who knew that a mash-up of Elton John and George Michael could give you goose bumps? Or that Mad About The Boy is, in fact, a song about four heartless hopeless sexually ambiguous romantics?

For a night of songs you’ll know retold in a way you didn’t quite think possible, for luscious singing and aggressive nudge-nudge-wink-wink comedy, for feel good antics to remind us, as Harrington did, that ‘Love Trumps Hate’, look no farther than All That Malarkey.


Reviewed by Joseph Prestwich


All That Malarkey – Glitterball

King’s Head Theatre


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