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Really Want to Hurt me – 4 Stars


Really Want to Hurt me

Old Red Lion Theatre

Reviewed – 19th February 2018


“Price delivers a stunning performance of a troubled young man who has a lot of questions about himself”


You don’t have to be an eighties kid, confused about your sexuality or have experienced high school bullies for this work to strike a Duran Duran inspired chord.

This one man show performed by Ryan Price is a series of monologues and musical breaks that delve into the life of a young man who is trying to work it all out. Mastering a hefty amount of dialogue, Price delivers a stunning performance of a troubled young man who has a lot of questions about himself.

Set in 1984, Price jumps between references to The Smiths, Eurythmics and of course Culture Club but also acknowledges his more serious thought process by nodding towards the George Orwell classic, 1984. This jumble of pop culture and teenage confusion means that ultimately at school, Price is a target.

The opening scenes portray a young lad who is so used to the occasional punch in the face, unkind comments and locker room shenanigans that it has simply become second nature, ‘what’s on the menu? Liver and mash followed by a punch, tapioca pudding with a spoonful of jam and the things they call me that I can’t repeat’.

As the play progresses, we see Price start to accept his individuality, from proudly writing his favourite bands across his school bag to joining acting classes. However, there is an underlying darkness at all times. Price has suicidal thoughts on more than one occasion, begins to attempt suicide but doesn’t follow through. It is harrowing because we see him at his best, throwing himself into his acting, repairing his relationship with his step dad, finishing school and progressing through life – we see how much he has to live for! Ben SantaMaria brings to light this sad but poignant truth, that young people who may see themselves as outsiders can be driven to such dark ideas and acts.

Longlisted for the Heretic Voices monologue prize, Really Want to Hurt Me is the type of play that covers real issues in an all-too-real world.

Reviewed by Stephanie Legg

Photography by Ben SantaMaria


Really Want to Hurt me

Old Red Lion Theatre



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Sublime – Casting News


April 4th – 8th 2017

Tristan Bates Theatre


Sarah Thomas and Ben SantaMaria are proud to present the cast of their provocative upcoming play Sublime. Joining the previously announced Adele Oni are Suzy Gill, Michael Fatogun and Declan Cooke.


The heistess is back in town. One week, three jobs; she’s good, but can she pull it off?


Adele Oni has been a professional actress for two years whilst continuing to train at the Actors Class (London) and privately with renowned vocal coach, Leontine Hass. Her credits include ‘Housefull 3 (feature film)’, ‘Charly’s Aunt’ The London Theatre, ‘Girl-Dem’ the Criterion Theatre and ‘No Sex Please, We’re British’ International tour.

Suzy Gill trained at Drama Studio London and the University of East Anglia. Her acting credits include the New Diorama, ATT and Siberian Lights. She is a playwright and spoken word poet, performing regularly at Creative Nights in London Bridge and the Poetry Brothel. Suzy also runs the BlueAsh Theatre Company.

Following the completion of his law degree, Michael Fatogun trained at the Young Persons Theatre Company. His credits include Rizen 2 and Season 3 of Obsessions: Dark Desires (US.) Michael recently finished filming a guest role on ITV’s Fearless and theatre credits include Safe at The London Theatre Workshop.

Declan Cooke trained at City Lit in London in 2012-13 and with Scott Williams’ Impulse Company from 2015-16. He has worked in TV and feature film and has played lead and supporting roles across several fringe theatre venues in London, Edinburgh and Brighton. Sublime is his first play at Tristan Bates.