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Review of BADD – 4 Stars



The Old Red Lion Theatre

Reviewed – 29th October 2017



“A script imbued with fantastic comedic moments”


I’ve recently had the pleasure of playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was hooked from my first try – fallen as its prey, I am in its clutches every week … sometimes, twice a week. So, when I saw the blurb for this show I was really excited to watch.

Back in the 1980s Dungeons and Dragons caused quite a fuss amongst the Christian community in America. A group called B.A.D.D (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons) was set up to educate parents about the evil within D&D. Described by Evangelists as ‘the front for demonic worship and witchcraft.’ D&D became quite the controversy amongst these groups.

Carrie Marx in this production took this setting and gathered us all for an hour to warn us of the Satanic influences of Dungeon and Dragons. A script imbued with fantastic comedic moments – I often found myself laughing out loud at this comedy gold.

Carrie as Pam, a Methodist Christian was fantastic through and through. It takes a certain level of acting skill to pull off what she did; carrying a whole play by yourself whilst maintaining the energy, interest, and enthusiasm of the audience – this is an arduous task. Thus, I do congratulate her and Chris Lince, the director of B.A.D.D., for putting on such a jolly good show.

My biggest ask for Carrie Marx to consider if she does bring the show back, is for her to extend the piece for I felt 1 hour was not enough of this show, particularly when Pam begins to have a nervous breakdown, it didn’t seem to quite have the build up it required. Hilarious and a joy to watch, I was left wanting more.


Reviewed by Daniel Correia



was part of the London Horror Festival

at The Old Red Lion Theatre




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