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Soho – 3*



The Peacock Theatre

Opening Night – 10th May 2017




a vibrant energetic show with top class performers


Soho is billed as “a thrill ride of circus, street and theatre performance, re-creating the exciting, edgy and voyeuristic world of London’s Soho …  celebrating every inch of the magical square mile”, quite a lot to live up to in under two hours. On some levels the show delivers, but just as in the real Soho, we have bits that are really good and exciting and other sections that just need boarding up for redevelopment.

Before looking a bit more at the show, I’d just state that the twelve ensemble cast are a hugely talented young team of dancers and acrobats and cannot be faulted. Their skill, stamina and physical strength throughout is utterly amazing.

The show itself starts on the tube and is a pretty good opening piece leaving expectations high for the rest of the show. We’re introduced to a young man who finds himself in Soho (quite why, we’re never entirely sure) on a journey around some of its most well known present and former haunts – Madame Jojo’s, The Colony Room Club, Bar Italia and China Town to name just a few. Those sections of Soho that aren’t fully visited with a complete scene, are cleverly shown with some neat projections.

The stage at The Peacock is wide, something like forty feet and the show uses it all.  Dance, acrobatics and theatre all going on. Unfortunately this is not always a good thing as at times, there is just too much going on in different corners, making it very easy to miss out on something. 

Many aspects of the show work well and are a joy to watch – the live mannequin, the giant eye watching the peep show, but a lot of the scenes went on far too long – the drag act on the trapeze for one (probably not helped by there being quite a lot of trapeze work in the show anyway, which despite the undoubted skill of the performers, got a little bit repetitive).

Many scenes also held little relevance to Soho and could have been anywhere; The random homo-erotic gym scene because “there are gyms in Soho”, and the bathroom scene (which I’ve yet to fathom out exactly what it had to do with anything) were fun to watch but just too vague in the story.

Soho Square Gardens featured in one scene – the projection showing an urban fox being persued by a foxhunt – why ??? Reminiscing sixties psychedelic trips perhaps, but nothing really again to do with Soho.

Although there are several nods to the seedy history of the area (one scene sees a pimp kicking one of his girls on the floor), so much about the area is just not portrayed, or is glossed over quite quickly. Where’s the scenes showing the multiculturalism and where’s the gentrification that has forced the closure of so many of the iconic venues shown? Theatres too make up a huge part of Soho life, yet barely a mention of them either. Perhaps I was expecting more to be told about the history of the area than the series of seemingly random and often irrelevant scenes we got.

The soundtrack (not live) is a mixture of hits through the decades and at times keeps the show going during the performance pieces that have gone on a little too long.

Was this a vibrant energetic show with top class performers? A definite yes. Was this a great representation of the real Soho, alas no. Go and see it for the performers and not for the Soho story.



Soho is at The Peacock Theatre until 20th May






A thrill ride of circus, street and theatre performance, re-creating the exciting, edgy and voyeuristic world of London’s Soho.

Created by Rock’n’Roll global power house Stufish, SOHO opens at The Peacock Theatre, London on Saturday 6th May. Soho‘s seriously crazy and multi talented international cast tell the fast-paced story of a young man’s walk on the wild side, as the colourful characters he meets reveal an unexpected and darkly fantastical world, where glamour and sleaze rub shoulders.

SOHO celebrates every inch of the magical square mile, with state-of-the-art multi-layered projections and visuals: from China Town, Gay Pride, the Underground, Bar Italia and Theatreland to Madame Jo Jo’s, models’ doorbells, strip clubs, bars and its vibrant streets and dark alleys. 

SOHO has an iconic soundtrack spanning the generations – Love & Peace, Disco, Punk, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Indie and more.

Each with their own creative disciplines, the hugely original ensemble cast includes: Anton Simpson-Tidy (Martial Artist), Kayla Lomas-Kirton (Hip Hop Dancer), Daniel Ash (Drag Ariel Tissue), Peter Freeman & Loric Fouchereau (Hand to Hand acrobats), Alessio Motta (Chinese Poles), Charlee DeBolla (Aerial Straps), Rebecca Rennison (Dance Trapeze), Camille Tremblay (Handstand), Leah Wolff (Hoop), Xander Taylor & Mélanie Dupuis (Doubles Trapeze).

The name Stufish, renowned worldwide for their creative and cutting edge entertainment architecture, now bring their extraordinary production values to SOHO. Stufish design arena productions for: Lady Gaga, Madonna, Queen, Pink Floyd, Robbie Williams and shows including: Jesus Christ Superstar, Bear Grylls Endeavour, Monty Python Live (Mostly), Dragon Quest (Japan). Stufish create stunning visual performances with their innovative application of technical arts, and their talents now present the world premiere of SOHO.
Creative team includes: director – Abigail Yeates, creative producer – Chris Hynes, choreographer – Eleni Edipidi, lighting designer – Richard Godin, original music – Peter Coyte, costume design – Abby Grewcock: working in association with The National Centre For Circus Arts.


SOHO – It’s not just a place, it’s a state of mind….


Photography by Kristina Kashtanova




Saturday 6 May – Saturday 20 May 2017

Tuesday – Saturday at 7.30pm

Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

Sunday performances at 2pm and 6pm


Portugal St, London WC2A 2HT 


Box Office

Tickets £25 – £35

020 7863 8222