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Review of The Trial of Le Singe – 3 Stars

Le Singe


Water Rats Theatre Bar

Reviewed – 16th August 2017





“worked well to highlight the prejudices that still reverberate about divisions in society”



I knew about the story of the monkey put on trial in Hartlepool during the Napoleonic Wars for supposedly being a French spy, and was intrigued about how this event would be portrayed theatrically.

The style used was epic theatre, larger than life, slap stick, verging on panto almost, though I was relieved there was very little audience involvement!

There was some inventive use of basic props and scenery, and there was certainly a lot of energy and dynamism from The Heretical Historians’ actors. There was an ensemble feel to it all, and the hour passed quickly as the scenes were pacy, and everything was done with high energy and commitment.

However, the retelling of the story (written and directed by Matthew Jameson), from an angle that explored other reasons behind why there was a trial, left me bemused, but longing for more depth or surprise. When Le Singe finally spoke, it was effective, and worked well to highlight the prejudices that still reverberate about divisions in society, culture and nationality.

This was a great idea, and sometimes the humour of the monkey/alien struck a chord, but it could have packed an even bigger punch if there was more at stake emotionally.


Reviewed for thespyinthestalls.com

Water Rats



was at the Water Rats Theatre Bar as part of

The Camden Fringe Festival



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