Francesco de Carlo: Comfort Zone – 4 Stars


Francesco de Carlo: Comfort Zone

Soho Theatre

Reviewed – 18th May 2018


“Quick witted, with lines to make you think as well as laugh out loud”


I have just survived a very Italian evening. I say survived because the portions of food and the bottle red were extremely generous, and left me struggling to reach the third floor of the Soho Theatre. I’m glad I made it though! It’s been a hectic week so the chance to unwind was not only appealing to me, but I’d dragged along a slightly stressed colleague to help me with the wine, and to enjoy a bit of stand up comedy to kick start the weekend.

To be honest we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. We knew there’d be jokes but would we laugh? But as we were ushered to our seats as soon as we arrived we had little time to wonder. However Francesco de Carlo did not disappoint. He delivered a strong and confident set, full of political satire, a few home truths and maybe just a little over sharing of personal thoughts! We laughed out loud all the way through.

Brexit as seen through the eyes of a newcomer/immigrant; the national characteristics of Italians, Americans and the Brits; the life and laughs of a stand up comic; language barriers, cultural differences … all rang true and elicited belly laughs from all around the audience. The idea that the right or wrong of pineapple on a pizza is judged solely from the point of view of the pizza and NOT from the perspective of the pineapple is a hugely untapped metaphor for accepting migration into society as the norm, and one that will stay with me for quite some time! As is the mental image of Nigel Farage as a poster boy for immigrants as his successful bid to bring about Brexit lowered the value of the pound enough to make migration possible for many.

Quick witted, with lines to make you think as well as laugh out loud, this show made the evening even better – even more Italian! Bravo!


Reviewed by Joanna Hinson

Photography by Snej Shandarinova


Francesco de Carlo: Comfort Zone

Soho Theatre



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