Kiss Chase – 3 Stars


Kiss Chase

The Bunker

Reviewed – 16th June 2018


“There is a lovely use of actors amongst the audience members which adds another layer to the piece”


When I arrive I am given a sticker with a number and a colour on and sent to the corresponding chair by one of the evening’s hosts, Ruth. The show is opened by our second host, Jim, who greets us with a comedy song – always a good start. This is an interactive dating experience with a difference, inclusive and not driven by stereotypical romantic ideas but rather by a desire to connect. It is interspersed by personal stories from planted cast members about why they are here, including the underlying story of host Jim and his divorced Dad.

There is a lovely use of actors amongst the audience members which adds another layer to the piece as we are perpetually kept guessing as to who is an actor and who is an audience member. Their personal stories add a really lovely element but with more time it would have been nice to see Jim and his Dad’s arch more fully developed and resolved.

In a city that is often described as overwhelming and isolating, ‘Kiss Chase’ is a lovely idea that aims to create a space for connection. Unfortunately, the time spent with each person is so brief that it is hard to establish any real connection in this time. The option to stay connected or not with your partner of the moment, whilst phrased really well, is still laced with a strange pressure, particularly when you have to fill out this form still seated next to them, and I’m not sure how necessary it is for the furthering of the piece.

The most affecting moment of the piece was when an audience member chose to share an experience of a friend’s support during a breakup she went through. It is credit to the production that they were able to create a space where someone felt comfortable disclosing something so personal so honestly, and this piece would benefit from facilitating this space of honesty and trust further, to allow for more of these moments.

This is a really fun idea delivered by a strong cast, but it has some way to go in its development to ensure that its aspirational aims are successfully fulfilled to their potential.


Reviewed by Amelia Brown



Kiss Chase

The Bunker until 7th July


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