Sophie, Ben and Other Problems – 4 Stars


Sophie, Ben and Other Problems

Tabard Theatre

Reviewed – 10th April 2018


“The beauty of the play lies in the simplicity of the acting”


Sophie, Ben and Other Problems is an ethereal love story about Sophie, Ben and the trials and tribulations of a ‘modern-day millennial relationship’. Written by Conor Burke, the play explores this unlikely and loveable couple; Sophie (Dylan Morris) loud-mouthed, principled and genuine, paired with Ben (Conor Burke), awkward, loveable and charming.

The dialogue between the two is what really shines; the back and forth between these two very real characters is what draws the audience in and the quirky wholesome comedy is what keeps them there. The characters are people that I have seen or know in my day-to-day life. Dylan Morris and Conor Burke worked brilliantly together within the simple, if not a tad cheesy storyline (although I must admit, the cheesiness of the play had me smiling throughout the whole evening). In regards to the story, it’s well paced, however, at times, can feel a little cramped. It’s to be expected though with a run time of sixty minutes and such varied subject matter.

Morris and Burke bring so much emotion and intensity to such a small stage, bringing life to these snapshots of Sophie and Ben. The transitions between the glimpses of their relationship could use some tidying up, however I suspect first night glitches were the root of the problem. The beauty of the play lies in the simplicity of the acting, along with the staging. With little to no set, it allows the audience to focus steadfastly on just the two characters and their bond with each other.

Despite the huge volume of millennial-centric theatre being produced, this was a very unique and personal take on the topic. It’s a funny, wistful play, with very real relatable characters, which will have you in fits of giggles, as well as floods of tears by the end of the night.


Reviewed by Charlotte Hurford



Sophie, Ben and Other Problems

Tabard Theatre until 14th April



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